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  • Yeah. Sort of like Psy I guess. Though he was more of a two-hit wonder xD Of course. there are psycho ones in every community. LOL don't care if you give them a piece of your mind? Well it is for their own good. Can't be singing praises about them all the time.

    I agree. the tune is catchy. But somehow, the lyrics of Volt were amazing! I looked up the translation, and the lyrics were simply beautiful! And the visuals, I must say Pokemon has come a long way in 17 years. I remember how I thought the AG graphics was so different and great. But then, I thought the GBA graphics and sound were revolutionary after I played GBC. I just tried playing Pokemon Ruby on my phone recently after playing a lot of Omega Ruby. I could barely stand the graphics xD The sound though, it wasn't too bad.

    Yeah. Hopefully :p
    Yeah xD Coming to think of it..what happened to Gotye? LOL. I haven't seen a single song from him after that. of course, I don't really follow music much these days- with the advent of Iggy Azalea or whatever..True. AmourShippers are really nice people mostly. [I suggest you use square brackets if you want to mask something. Circular brackets don't have that effect. But yeah. Mods here are really arbitrary and random]

    I know right? And I really didn't expect we would see back to back action like this. Seems like it is really a Getta Banban (mad paced getter) xD

    Yeah. But oh well. As long as we win the league! xD
    Now it's just a thread that we used to know xD Yeah. At least we made some really nice friends before this mess. [It surprises me that the mods aren't bothering to at least warn those who argue that way]

    Yeah! It is XY066 or XY067 IIRC. Insane right? Not sure if Jessie's Pumpkaboo is evolving in XY063 though.

    Yeah. Ashley Barnes, a Burnley player made a tackle that could've broken Nemanja Matic's leg. And Atkinson didn't even bother. But when Matic reacted by pushing Barnes, Matic got a red card! I mean, what reaction do you expect from a player who nearly had his leg broken? Did you think he would hug Barnes and give him sweets? Not to mention Atkinson missed a couple of penalties that were clear as daylight (to be fair, he missed one that should've gone to Burnley too).
    It never hurt. Not at all. No. That thing got closed because they thought people were going off topic. Honestly I didn't feel that it was that bad. In fact, it is far worse now. I am supposed to be one of the more tolerant and easy going guys out there. And if even I feel that things are getting out of hand, then it must be really bad.

    Hey don't forget the possibility of Jessie's Pumpkaboo evolving too! I would never have expected this from Pokemon. Really. Three evolutions confirmed in four episodes, followed almost immediately by a cracker of a battle. I feel the writers are doing a fantastic job with XY. Now if only they took it a tiny bit further ;) Hahah

    Aww man. Then you must have watched the outrage yesterday. Chelsea vs. Burnley. Pathetic refereeing I tell you. Pathetic.
    I feel you man. Honestly I didn't mind the old thread. At least it was fun back there. All the veterans were just happily chatting with each other...there was optimism all around even during the worst of times. Now, most of the vets were pushed out during the big purge. The newbies, many of them are quite okay. But some of them really degrade the thread. Add to that the confrontation that is going on. It used to be like some posh 19th Century British club before, with civil arguments and people agreeing to disagreeing. Now, it resembles more like a cheap bar on the night of a high stakes match. LOL.

    Add to that the pessimism. Not just the Amour thread, but all the other threads too. Some pessimism at times is fine. We are all victim to that. But this is getting extreme! I mean I saw one thread which was predicting that Goodra would be released sometime soon. Really? I'm just staying here with those old friends I made, sending VMs and PMs. Not to mention trying to catch some more people to add on my 3DS. I still say, the old thread was much better. There may have been off topic posts, but it went on well. [It beats me how the mods cracked down on that thread for nothing whereas they are doing nothing here with all those arguments?]

    Anyhow, today's match was a cracker. Honestly I didn't expect India to win against SA. But now that we did, it raises my hopes a bit. LOL
    Ah no worries. That's pretty much the same story for everyone around here these days xD So that's why I haven't seen you around for a while! I'm fine. Hooked to the Cricket World Cup at the moment.
    People's houses are always iffy, but I always did like trying new restaurants. It was always just such a fun experience! Now it's a really painful, awkward experience that requires a lot of research. >.<
    sorry 0:) lol
    hahaha! XD ok, I hope you got it!
    hey! many people here are saying there is too much pessimism on the Amour thread, I agree :(
    yeas, and you are eager to use your tool for those engines... oh my, you are terrible!
    XP meh! that's boring, those subjects should be learned in a practical way, lol!
    I think one kid might of tried saying the word in my class before. He didn't get very far XD
    XDDDDDDDDDDDDD I wish I could party all night.
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