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  • Anyway, that photo did gave pretty good hints. Some thinks they gave solid ones while others kinda think that it's not much.
    Yeah, everyone was so enthusiastic few days before and after the airing of XY031 because of the group photo. People were so into that picture. :p
    But now, it seemed the thread cooled down for a bit. Probably, tired of talking about it. :p
    I wish! らく made this amazing drawing. I provided a link to where I found it in the picture itself if you wanted to check out some of his other works. They're pretty awesome!
    Hmm, I have a theory and some speculations on how amourshipping would play all throughout the series. I'd like to share it with everyone but, eh, there's a lot of negativities around in the thread lately so I'd like to share it with some few people for now. Of course, I'm not saying that my speculations and observations would actually happen to the anime itself but if you're still interested, I could PM you about it. I just want to share it with everyone and hear their thoughts.
    Hehe thanks, well it's not really a bad sketch, I'll give you that. I was just not satisfied with the outcome. (^_^; )
    Yeah!I did that too!Sorry for late reply tho,I've been catching up with...Summer lessons,ya know?And I'll be going late in replying... ._.
    No problem. So it's a regular paint software. It's pretty impressive that you were able to give details using only paint, not that I'm saying it's a bad software though. :p
    I saw your sig. May I know the software that you used to color it? I like the details, it gave life to the drawing. I'd suggest that you add some extra shadows to add details. Hmm, that's all I can say for now. All in all, this is a great artwork.
    Hmm, XY is starting to look Animeish rather than cartoonish. Intense battles with stunning animation effects. Battles are pretty brutal instead of looking too plain. Death and serious illness (e.g, XY014 and XY027) are kinda implied heavily now (deaths were also mentioned before but not that heavy or sensitive). Team Rocket's scheme are now darker than before as well. And now there's that flirting part the professor. I think the writers/director are now realizing that they have larger audiences aside from children 10 years of age or younger. Let's hope that this romance stuff between Satoshi and Serena becomes a thing. After all, it's being heavily implied unlike other ships.
    Yup, I don't. People don't like him because he loses leagues a lot, he's not Red, he never ages and so on.
    Saw the scene with the professor. I think Pokemon anime is getting more mature and mature. I mean, the professor almost kissed a girl younger than him (talk about lolicon :p) You don't see that happening before, not even Takeshi does that.
    I try to defend my views by not being too harsh. I mean you won't get anywhere if you don't have control over your language.
    Same here depending on Hawlucha's personality and whether Froakie becomes Greninja those two might make it into top 5 taking out Gliscor and Buizel
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