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  • For me Sceptile is my favorite pokemon.My top 5 favourite pokemon that Ash has would be :

    1: Sceptile
    2: Krookodile
    3: Snorlax
    4: Gliscor
    5: Buizel

    How about yours?
    Most likely because we haven't seen him for so long.Well here's me hoping that when Mega Sceptile is announced,Sceptile will temporarily join back so they can mega evolve him.
    For me it's almost 8 pm so it most likely could come out before I sleep.Yeah the subs always seems to be one episodes or two episodes behind
    Sorry, I forgot to mention, you should get the portable version of Paint tool Sai.The link I gave below is for trial only and you'll need to buy a license for that. Well, unless you're okay buying the license, then the link I gave would do.
    I suggest this one:http: //detstwo.com/sai/
    This is the one that I'm usually using for my artworks aside from photoshop.

    For anime streaming, I usually go here: http://www.anime44.com/
    Though you'll have to wait at least 2 hours before they stream it.

    PS: Strange, there is no english sub yet for XY028.
    Yep, sure did. I'd suggest you to use Paint tool sai though. It's quite beginner friendly,very easy to use for linearts. Check some tutorials on youtube on how to start.
    I feel you, bro. I use a camera as well to transfer works to my computer, which isn't in a good quality BTW. I usually edit them in Photoshop to make it clearer and more often, I just digitally color the linearts.
    Fair enough, I don't play as much as I used to, mainly just play a few hours of Fifa every now and then. I haven't got one either, i've been playing on emulators recently, I'll probably take the plunge christmas time i think.
    haha problem solved. I think the last Cod i played was MW3 xD I've got 13 on xbox i think, 14 on ps3 lol. I was thinking of getting that southpark game soon. really I'm just killing time with it for the new consoles though, so far i have no reason to buy either console.
    I don't actually blame them.It's most likely because they think that Avalugg will end up becoming like Torterra who didn't get any wins after it evolved.But than it wasn't Torterra fault since the writers wanted to focus more on Infernape so they made Torterra weaker so it didn't steal the spotlight.

    But what people don't understand is that this time Ash doesn't have an Infernape like character so they can focus on Avalugg quite a bit.I always wanted to see Ash with a very slow pokemon that had an extremely high defense with amazing physical attacks.
    No problem! It was a nice prediction.
    Altaria is my favourite pokemon so I may be a bit biased because of it ;)
    Yeah, I actually kinda forgot about Avalugg since I barely saw him in the game.But when I saw Avalugg again I thought that this seems like a pokemon Ash could work with.I see it being what Torterra should have been in DP which is a bruiser tank.Plus since it has a much higher physical Defense and a better physical attack than Torterra,they could easily turn Avalugg into a pokemon who can take as much damage as it gives out.All they have to do is give Avalugg Skull Bash and Avalanche and it can work.

    Yeah it would be nice to see Torterra and Avalugg team up,but I'm personally hoping for a Torkoal and Avalugg team up as a fire and ice tank team.
    Yup!You got that right!Sure I'll do that!Of course I'll be you're friend here!Why thank you! ^_^ I appreciate it!

    —Thank you again lol
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