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  • XD, definately not my thing, being smart enough to pass most tests without studying has ruined me for later on in life, i just hate studying sooooooooo much -.-
    lol, ima closet nerd <.< >.>, no one sees me playing pokemon at all, then again i would get bashed at school if people found out so :/(i could hold my own against two or even three, but there is about twenty dickheads who troll my school)
    Yeah they are... but idc XD, im a rebel :p(not really)
    And that is an AWESOME name for a pignite, (which is the best starter :p), mines is Blaze, and ive got a Zebra thing called Electricus(latin for electric) and a Pansage called pan(cus i couldnt think of a good name and Pan is the god of the forest)
    Hopefully I can get an Archen called wings, and sandile called Boris( of that one car ad) and a... (insert name here) (the black psycic poke) called Kanade(chick off one of my fav animes, which she disappears in the end without the main dude :'( )
    You do waaaayyyy to much, then again, that could just be my coasty attitude kicking in.
    Hhhmmmm, well so far i have had a maths test a PD test a HSIE test(geography this time) a religion assessment, doing my food tech assessment(easy as hell), and then outer curricular activities like science lectures at te univeristy of sydney, a science and engineering day(basically a scouting activity run by Energy Australia, the same company my dad happens to work for :p) a whole **** load of training for football(by the way, lost every game so far -.-, although i play good in every game, we just need to work togethor more) and finally a cross country coming up, but im sure you have heaps more than that.
    Seriously idk how you can fit all that in(of course you probably study, something i leave to the last 5 minutes, still i score at the very least b's all the time)
    And congrats :D, although i probably wont be getting it for a while.(even my parents dont know i play pokemon, so i have to wait for a patch to come out for my r4hdsc) And yes, black is the ultimate(doesn't stop me from playing it on desmume ;D)
    Thank goodness, i cant find anyone
    And ouch, if your anything like me its been assessments assessments assessments
    I have just came off finishing an religion one, and am starting a food tech one tommorrow -.-
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