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  • Nah, I was going to suggest something I've been using on a battle simulator.

    It's not the first thing you'd expect, but my volcarona lead has swept many teams simply because of the surprise factor.

    Substitute/Fire blast/Bug buzz/Quiver dance, holding red card

    Basically, sub on the first turn, and start setting up with qd. If they break your sub, the red card will switch it out to something hopefully less favourable.
    well, my best lead so far has been donphan, but it won't work so well against legends. Is this a fifth gen battle? if so, I may have the thing for you.
    Hehe, I completely forget how to write outside of school..

    As for the competitive team, it's been a while but I'll give it a try (don't know enough about 5th gen to comment on it):
    Slowbro sounds great, bear in mind that the majority of legendaries are sp atk based.
    Another defensive option is umbreon, eith sp def and hp investment and wish/curse/ payback/toxic it can be great, really helped me.
    For sp atk, specs or scarfed porygon z is an absolute beast with tri attck/thunderbolt/ice beam/trick(?)
    And gyarados and scizor are great attackers, tell me if you want less standard one though.
    Yep, you must've accounted for at least half of my vms, and wow it must be at least a year and a half since becoming friends.
    My internet went out for a few hours :'( And yeah, at least the tracking system isn't as bad as in fr/lg, that was torture.

    Congratz on my 1000th vm btw :p
    Yeah, it's annoying when it pops up when you aren't ready and when you're actually looking for it it's nowhere to be found...
    Haha, finish the game completely? Thank god I'm not going for that. And my serebii is on a permanent tab :p
    I thought you were talking about collecting all the stars in terms of finishing...
    Yeah, summer's been kinda boring so far... I've got to get round to finishing mario galaxy (yeah, I'm a bit late :)
    Funny you say that, we got let out after our last exam two days ago, so it's only the summer ahead :) oh and work experience.
    No, but now I think about it, it rings true. Also, hope you had a good birthday (sorry it's late :)
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