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    To be honest, what do we really know about Showcases? Can we really say its just a girl thing?
    And you guys say that Ash might not be interested but we can say the same thing about him and contest but he still participated in one or two. (dont remember the exact number)
    I dont think anything is stopping him from wanting to try it out for himself at least once especially if it is to help a friend. =)
    It's been confirmed to be a girl's only thing. I didn't want to post my reply in the thread since it's offtopic. And I'd rather not see Ash take even more screentime away from Serena like he did in the 1st year of XY, so I love the girls only rule.
    Yep. Absolutely.
    that's just him, and expecting him to change all of a sudden for no reason is quite foolish.
    Exactly. The disappointment is irrational IMO.

    Anyway, that Forget arc...there's a reason I keep pulling it up xD
    It was great. Obviously a bit disappointed but regardless a good episode. I'm satisfied with it lol.
    It definitely was! IMO Ash giving that gift to Serena is being downplayed severely. That flashback...well while it may have been cute, it definitely wasn't too necessary at this point. We can always see one or two more at the end. :)
    Surely they didn't expect a fanfic like scenario. LOL. It is just 59 episodes into the series. Showing Ash as even slightly romantic would be OOC. Now, it takes one step forward, and they can start chipping his wall of obliviousness little by little.
    Yeah. I dunno how but I'm liking Serena a bit more than Dawn atm, though that's probably because Dawn's story is done and she isn't in the cast anymore XD. Dawn was still perfect though, even her flaws made her perfect XD
    Yeah same here. I loved the shopping scenes they were hilarious. It's funny that the roles were reversed from what I thought would happen, with Ash acting less serious while Serena was actually looking for gifts for her Pokemon XD
    Yeah it was heartwarming, especially the ribbon part :D
    Yeah, it was what I expected, except for the BW Ash and Dunsparce thing again XD. I think I blushed at the end when Ash gave Serena the ribbon :D
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