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Toxic Nightshade

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  • Yeah, no use in worrying about it. ^^
    That's understandable, if you don't like the genre. I think the genre is all right; what I like best are the characters and screenwriting.
    And I have joined the mass of fans who has watched and been riveted by the anime Attack on Titan. It's not for the faint of heart, but the characters are relatable and dynamic, and the plot is incredibly engaging.
    Yes I live in the US. And yeah, the system is a little backwards. It would be better if colleges worked to reduce tuition rather than raising it all the time. Anyway, I ended up choosing the college that is the least expensive, for obvious reasons, and because the school I was wait listed at is not offering admission to any wait listed students this year :-/ It will probably be for the best though, because I am undecided and I won't have a ton of debt afterwards.
    That's good to hear! That sounds cool, and different from my class. Mine was only a semester long, and we focused on elements of design, working with Photoshop and Illustrator, and creating different graphically designed things (packaging, posters, logos, etc.). We also studied typography and made typographic portraits, which was very cool and fun.
    Thank you :) I'm not sure if I'll continue with it in college or not. I really liked the class, but I think part of it was because we got to choose what we designed for the projects. For example, in the package design project, I designed a CD case for one of the Homestuck albums, whereas in the real world I would have to do work that other people hired me to do, which would be a little less fun. It is something I like though, so I guess we'll see!
    My last day of school was today. It's nice because seniors get out early, and I'm exempt from my final exams. It's crazy though; grade school is over! Do you get out of school soon or do you go until the end of the month? The rest of my high school gets out on the 25th.
    Yeah, it would be awesome if Andrew Hussie un-gigapaused on April 13th but I think he posted in his blog thing below the comic that he wouldn't be able to get it done by then.
    Oh cool it makes me happy to hear that! I do believe it. I would consider doing that if it wasn't for the amount of time it would take and the other things that I want to read. And you're very welcome :3
    Mostly the same, except I haven't been watching many shows lately. For example I watched the first episode of season 3 of BBC Sherlock on TV but then I missed the other two episodes and I haven't watched them yet. And I want to watch anime but I never seem to have time.
    As a senior I have now completed the arduous task of applying to college. I applied to 10 because I'm undecided about where I want to go and what I want to study, and I got accepted to six and wait listed at one, so that's good. Now I have to choose one though, which is rather difficult. It doesn't help that they're all so *expensive*!

    How did your graphic design class go, or how is it going? I had mine in the first semester of the year and I really liked it; we did lots of fu projects and I found the whole class to be really cool and interesting.
    Hey Flare, I haven't talked to you in a long while (and I see you haven't been online in over a month) but I wanted to tell you that I recently caught up to Homestuck! My admiration for the comic has only grown~
    Anything interesting happen to you lately?
    [Casually dropping a feels-y thing because tumblr breaks my internet and I can't type on my phone

    I miss the ever-loving **** out of you. Everything. I still have huge feels, because you're... extremely special to me. Still. I can't let you go; and I'm determined to turn this around. Talk more. Because holy-****-i-miss-you and your extremely cute shyness and how you could effortlessly make me laugh and aaaaugh.

    I want a second chance, really. Because being away hurts.]
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