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  • You have a really cool fan fic,well just wanted to tell you that.and could you add me to your PM list if you are still doing chapters,I am on chapter 6 now and so far the story is great.
    Hey TPJ, sorry for taking so long to reply ><

    Anway, TSS is okay, it's on a bit of a hiatus atm since I'm helping out Manaphyman with his Fic and I'm also going through some writer's block for it >< Hopefully writing with MM can help me get back on track xP

    I'm good thank you, just catching up with everyone.

    It's very rare that so many are on at the same time.
    Very well thank you.

    I'm catching up with everyone.

    I know we've not really spoken and i hope you don't think i was ignoring you.
    Hey Buddy, Just reviewed. Please review my review, as I want to get better at reviewing so I can be more helpful and learn more myself. If something didn't make sense, or you believe differently, please say. Also, it's your story, so say how you meant things if I confused them or missed what you were saying at parts.


    ><> Truth
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