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  • Ok well you click the link on the front page and then click "web chat" on the top right corner. It's going to ask you for a nickname and a channel. Type in #TeamRadiantDawn
    there and it should send you to the chat.
    Hey Trace shoot me a VM/PM when your on to have our war battle^_^

    I will patiently wait for your response and look forward to battling
    Hmmm well I guess that's good. I still would want you in the war though. Oh well I never heard of the other team before so it should be a easy win.
    Well that's a shame you should have been in it. Oh well who is in it? And to be honest I haven't even touched my DS. It's just there collecting dust so there won't be anything new on my end.
    Exactly see your smart. So Trace listen to me Serris is in charge no one else. F*ck what anyone else says Serris is in charge. And you know what homie? Seems to me the clan is at war with each other. Hope your in the war cause we need a guaranteed win lol
    Ummm Dawn could suck a **** cause I don't give a **** what he says. You telling me that someone that has no authority in Advent appointed Rose leader since Crazie and I are out of commission? Trace come on you know me don't tell me dumb **** like that. Serris is in charge cause I say so I don't give a **** what Dawn and Rose say Serris is in charge.
    some of the gym leaders take their challenges seriously, Cloud Strife and Kratos Aurion still do , the other gym leaders will only do battles one day a week x)
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