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  • Hello, I'm not sure if this message is neccesary. You are a participant in the Water Cup, hosted at the SSBB club. I am currently trying to get this going again so I would appreciate it if you get your match done if possible. Please VM me if you have questions.

    The SSBB may also start hosting contests like snapshot contests and whatnot.
    It's good to know you're doing good, though. ^^

    Well, I still have access to wifi, but I can't use Homebrew anymore. I have to delete it. I was actually thinking of getting rid of it anyway. I felt a vibe of guilt every time to loaded the HBC. :/

    We'll have to Brawl when we both get the chance, though. ^^
    Hello, Trace. ^^

    I'm fine. How are you?

    I probably won't be available for Brawling for a while, though, because I got a message saying my access to wifi will be termiated if I continue to use Homebrew. I'm goign to get rid of the HBC and take at least a 5-day break from Wifi.
    Sure, but I can't right now, as I'm visiting my relatives. I can tomorrow, though.

    Leave me your friend code, and we can arrange a match some time tomrrow.
    I kinda realized...well it's too bad I couldn't add Falco320 or Atoyont to my friend roster because it was full :/ But they were really fun lol xD
    Matt as in Icosahedron, or another Matt? :p
    Yeah, you two didn't seem to be attacking each other. Good matches, though.
    Kirby has a projectile too fast for zelda to deflect at close range. That and his stone and hammer hit really hard. You should use the hammer more it KOs a lot.
    Yeah I know that my wifi disconnected on me I have to fix it. So please wait for a bit.
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