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  • yeah ok but if im not online call me at my house, also i cant trade you cause im going to use it as first prize in the water Tourny. if you enter and win you get it for free.
    ok ill be on for as long as i can also i cant trade you but i still want you to migrate the pokemon over so we can set up a different trade for the same pokemon, also cant we talk with our DS's on wifi?
    alright sounds cool to me also plz look at this you have to enter this club. your of all people can enjoy a club where Empoleon is very welcomed into it.


    ^the owner is hosting a water tourny after we get 10 people^ first place get my shiny Gyrados so i cant trade it to you.

    also its ok but where are you in FR?

    Edit: if you want to enter first read the texting in RED very important.
    hey are you ready to fight me i have my ingame team al ready with they're attacks and all. just waiting for you to migrate and we battle then trade.
    dont adjust the time when you try to migrate and it fixes the game that means it adjusted the clock. =D

    also i got my bro 8-bit to play his FR game and i had to restart my LG so we are both starting over if you wan to get in on this re-start your Fr game. =D
    Thats what I had expected. Atleast your good with teh two that you main. You pretty much saw my whole range of Main's, except for Ike, who was as random as anything. Unlike you, I'm decent with them all, and only great with Link and Diddy.

    And the she is Zelda am I right?
    Yea they're sturdy for me. You should catch me on a great day, then they just won't die.Your Wolf play was annoying. Every time I tried something, you shot me back down with his foward smash...
    Boy are you good with Kirby. Your Wolf isn't half bad either. I kinda hope that you do main more then those two though, since ICO and AA! could easily notice you pattern quickly and find a counter for it.

    GG's though...for you.
    lol, i know why. you never adjusted the DS clock after daylight savings. but oh well also i got all 8 badges but since i rushed through the game im getting my Butt kicked >.< im getting really Pi$$ed, dude next time give me something in the high 60's-70's
    hey dude ill be away from the computer for a while so when ever you are ready to trade just post back. =D
    also have you thought of your future platinum team cause me and my bro are going to get it so we can have more in-game team battles =D
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