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  • so i dont know what do in D/P anymore im just waiting for Platinum and i getting bored i might try to make a new team but i have no one to play against since you wont do anything
    Yeah, good games! You are incredibly annoying with Wolf, although I almost pulled it off with Bowser. xD A tad too predictable with Kirby though, and you use the stone/weight/ton down-special wayyyy too much... it's too easy to dodge and take advantage of in my opinion. Just trying to help. :)
    lol, i read your conversation with GrizzlyB and the only reason you can get out of a chaingrab with Falco is because of my chaingrabing with falco. =D
    Wolf can't escape Falco's chaingrab until, I think, 40% or so. I have to admit, you were fast to launch a counterattack once you got to 40%, though. Is your main Kirby, then?

    Also, those matches were remarkably lag-free. Even though my connection to you is red. x_x
    Sure. I guess I can go and make the room, if you haven't already. You have my friend code, right?
    hey dude get on line today i wanna battle today and see if you wolf can handle my falco. ;)

    also i got a shiny Gyrados if you wanna trade for something. cause i need a could of items and 1 more pokemon.
    lol dude check round one listings guess who you have to fight. lol to life. your opponent doesnt want to fight you on wifi he wants on fight you on thanksgiving day at my house. lol


    Edit: dont forget to bring an extra Gcube controller for me just incase mines messes up
    Falco320 goes to my school. he also has said your a strong opponent and something about a Heracross that cant take down his dusknoir? what does that mean?
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