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  • hey sorry, unfortunately I don't :(

    I actually requested one of those back in gen 5 but never got an offer :(
    No, i don't know a lot about these event pokemon that never see the light of day in competitive battles. Unfortunately. I was expecting more people just wanting things like volcanion or regen ho-oh guess i was wrong and everyone wants that 1 caterpie that was given away for cancer. :l
    I wouldnt be able to find him, I got most of these through subreddits and some trades consisted of almost 50 pokémons or more. And yes if I traded it would be a clone.
    No these were not from Powersaves (PS only allows you to get Gen VI events). And yes most likely were cloned, I didnt claimed them myself so I wouldnt know sorry
    Sure, here:
    #393 Piplup Concert Piplup ♂ Calm Torrent Sing Round Feather Dance Peck 음악회 12152 15 Classic KOR Metronome
    #393 Piplup Recital Piplup ♂ Modest Torrent Sing Round Feather Dance Peck リサイタル 7202 15 Classic JPN Metronome
    I'm sorry, but I do not. That particular event was almost nonexistent when it originally came out, so no one here was really able to obtain one.
    i think i do, but i always clone pokemon before i trade them! if you're still interested though i can double check if i have it, i'm pretty sure i do, but if you dont want cloned i cant really help you :p
    to be honest, i just dont see much point in linking into PGL. im getting BP from PKbank and from my battle tests/battle maison. i dont much like the random nature of the rewards on PGL. ive had enough of random rewards from stone farming on super training.

    i only have time for 1 game per generation so ORAS is out of the question. as far as sun and moon go, i dont even know if i'll get those either. just getting the goals i currently have takes me long enough that i dont have time for another PKMN game.
    thank you for clarifying that, i dont keep too much track of where all the much wanted berry awards do come from though i know a few are battle maison rewards. i guess then its from the Pokemileage Club at Pokemon GLobal Link from the Doll Graber game which that player got it from. i only use my pokemiles for ingame purchases. i never activated my PGL feature. im able to get the rare candies ingame and evolutionary stones (PKMN amie) without too much hassle.

    even now im still missing the lansat/starf berries. although i do want them eventually, its not on the top of my list of things to do atm. i got 210 individual foreign pkmn from the FRE, SPA, GER origins and god knows how many missing ITA, KOR pokemon data ive yet to get my hands on. im also missing a bunch of damage reducing berries that i do plan on getting some time when i can spare the time for inverse battles.
    the berry is legit. i got it from a trade long ago and grew a few of them for my use/stock. it is impossible for me to get it thru the battle maison streak due to my choice of battle pkmn. i dont use top grade pkmn ie Kangaskhan/chomp/aegislash/weather trio etc etc. i traded some item/pkmn for a custap berry long ago close to a year ago.
    dont worry about sending the pkmn back. i got a few of them bred out so i can have them in stock for trades.
    i didnt have a pkmn to say good bye so i showed a duplicate pkmn to the one that i just sent you.
    np, i will be waiting 4 u to get online. i'll be hatching a few pkmn eggs to get bank ball spares so dont be surprised in the request gets interupted. when i see you online i'll wait for u.
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