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  • I agree. Most people seem to love Sinnoh the most. I personally struggle to understand that, since it is my least favorite of all the arcs. I think it's cool they like it the most, so long as they don't always act like everyone has to say it's the best and that we're "nostalgiafags" for not agreeing with them.

    My first reaction to watching it was..."WTH is this nightmare? Ash and Brock's voices...dear lord...what the heck happened to them?"

    I've never really abandoned the series at any point, but Sinnoh was where I was dangerously close to quitting it entirely in my case. I was just shocked beyond words. I even liked Battle Frontier more myself.

    Kanto was amazing, and so was OI. Johto had filler, but so what, it was still awesome.

    I was cool with Hoenn and thought it was boring at first but I grew to think it was pretty good. I hated Misty leaving, but she still had some cameos and the original VAs were still around, so I still liked it.

    I haven't really liked anything since that much, but I do like the Unova Saga and think it's good (except the League...ugh).
    It sounds really interesting, I think that I'll give it a try. Probably not right now, as I'm pretty busy, but soon.
    Thank you for getting back to me!
    Hello, I saw in the "What are you currently reading" thread that you read Plato's Republic. I was just discussing that book in school yesterday; my class is not going to read it but we watched a short video about it. I was thinking of possibly reading it myself, and I am curious to hear someone else's opinion. Did you like it? Was it thought-provoking? Would you recommend it?
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