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  • x3 No problem, I'll get on that now~ x3 I have this brief spate of free time before I swamped again, you see, and I've been more than abusing it. :X
    Thanks, and thank you for the quick response! *hugs* The link is here. :3 I just could really use some feedback - on the last chapter in particular. D: What would you like me to read in return?
    Hey, I saw your post on the review exchange - still up for it? Your post has been up for a while, so I wanted to be sure. :3
    Thanks for the advice. I separated the dialogue into paragraphs for easier reading, so if you still want to read my fan-fic you are perfectly welcome to.
    Have any in mind?
    Not really - Word's works fine for me. There's also openoffice and google docs might have one too, the latter two being free to use.

    Like for the writer, who goes and write these out and goes through it and trys to find any errors/gtrammar. But doesn't useually catches them and can read his/her own sentences A-okay. Minus the fact, that a reader may have trouble understanding and reading through it while, the author/writer can read it fine and dandy. Even though they've been told about the errors and mistakes. But can't find it alright in their eyes.
    Quite true so beta readers help in that regard. However one technique I learnt of that works well imo is to proofread at least a full day after finishing writing of the chapter/piece of work before posting, and maybe longer. The break allows you to forget what is fresh in your mind ad hence you can look at your work more objectively.
    A PM list is basically a list of people you PM whenever you post a new chapter of your story so they can stay on top of it. :3 Hahah. Also, I think there's a beta house in the Author's Cafe or whatever. I'd suggest going there to find one- I would normally be more than happy to become a beta reader for you but at the moment I don't know how well I'd be at it and after my next quarter at Uni starts I really don't know how much time I'd have open to do it. D; Sorry. Hahahah.
    Hey. :D Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for reading my fanfic so dedicatedly! Yeah, I'm going to have everyone nickname their starters in the next chapter I believe. Thanks for the suggestion. :]

    As for reading your works, I'll definitely put it on my to-do list. College is winding down at the moment and everything's getting pounded into my skull homework-wise, but at the end of next week once things die down I might have a chance to. Either way I promise to make my way to it. xD Hahah.
    I will get around to it eventually. I promise. I mean no offense, but there's an awful lot of error there, and it'll take a while. =/
    Alright. Good timing; the reason why I don't have a computer of my own at the moment is because the charger to my laptop broke. But, if my dad can actually remember to bring it home for once in his life, he'll be bringing me a spare one from his office. XD

    So, yeah. I'll probably have the beta'd chapter back by Sunday at the latest.
    Hi! I was looking through The Tragedy of Red and I saw your comment again. I just felt like letting you know that I posted that sequel I'd been talking about, in case you feel like reading it. Not trying to reel you in; I just remembered you saying you wanted to. So in case you do. ^___^
    It's best to just ignore YamiRyu. She's pretty much in her own special little bubble, where nothing bad can happen to her and all she ever sees is FanFics to criticize and members to insult. Whenever someone is able to prove a point to her, she calls them a stalker as a last ditch defense.

    I've tried talking to her, and it's become obvious that she doesn't want to change. It's like a gauntlet, really. Because you read two lines in any one of her posts and you're just compelled to click the little 'x' button and get off the internet. Seriously, all her posts are the same as one another.

    But YamiRyu =/= everyone on this board. She's really the last person that you want to use as a basis for how the other members act here. She does not represent our views and opinions (at least not in the abstract).
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