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Trainer Yusuf

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  • I found a comment you made just over one year ago (link) and was confused over your reasoning behind þose predictions. Like why do you þink þe next Grass starter could gain þe Psychic-type?
    So how long do you think before they finally make an open world Pokemon game?
    Bolt the Cat
    Bolt the Cat
    IDK if it'll take that long. There's been a lot of fans and multiple interviewers asking about BotW-esque open world to the point where it's right in Masuda's face. I suspect he'll do something about it, with 10th gen being the absolute latest we see full open world.
    Trainer Yusuf
    Trainer Yusuf
    Part of the issue of my conservatism is how long GF took to shift to true 3D, we spent three generations in some form of pseudo-3D grid. So I suspect we will spend three more generations in some form hallway 3D that opens slightly every gen.
    Bolt the Cat
    Bolt the Cat
    Well part of the reason why it took them so long to adapt to 3D was because they were on handheld and they were dealing with less advanced hardware. It's not like they could've made something like Mario 64 or OoT on the Game Boy. Now though, they're on the same hardware as those games. So they can't afford to be as conservative now that they're playing with the big boys.
    Eternal Floette is still my pie in the sky, but more realistically probably some random gen 8 pokemon. Maybe just a cute mascot type, maybe something with connection to Zeraora, maybe just some rando that's not really important but gets screentime because it's really new.

    Barring that I could see...Suicune. Suicune had increased importance due to Crystal, Crystal relreased this year and they could play up the very-slight suicune imagry Johto seasons toyed with. Actually now that I've written that out, Celebi would make sense too.
    he's using it as an example in that context - they're not gonna commit to including anything for Switch 2: Electric Boogaloo at this point, just because it's trendy and cool now says nothing going forward
    Oh, okay. Go away. 4chan users can barely count to 10 let alone wipe their own butt. Why should anyone credible listen to them. The person who did it is 10 times smarter than anyone there and is a nice person. So don't post here ever again.
    maybe something with Splatoon?

    I'd imagine that they'd rather branch into different IPs instead of going back to Mario again. I'm sure Mario will get another shot at some point, since SMR's performance seems to have disappointed them, but I don't know how they'd adapt Mario Kart specifically in a way that works on mobile without encroaching upon MK8D. Party might make more sense, though it'd probably depend on whether or not Nd Cube would do mobile development

    actually, I could kinda see Metroid to tie in with Samus Returns and MP4
    well i wasn't really looking into full stor spoilers if i could help it but

    Also yeah, I dig this design so a fire &/or ice counterpart would be up my alley.
    One mythical is about what I expected. So way I see it, there's 2 options

    I feel like next year will be a break year. Gamefreak is...pretty slow when it comes to adapting to new platforms, and Gen 8 has by their own admission probably going to require a change up due to the Switch's shtick. If they actually put it out by next winter I'll be genuinely surprised.

    So I'm thinking Zero will be our lead (Revealed either in december or early next year), but there might be a gen 8 pokemon teased. The other "costars" I could easily see being ultra beasts or about necrozma. Rainbow ROcket would probably be an interesting anime film as well. I think it kind of depends on what hte anime does with its plotline. Inexplicable swerve and involve Eternal Floette somehow?!
    I dig the new entries. Like the mythical. I wish the national dex was here. Post game teams are neat.
    Oddly excited over no shiny lock on most things? It's weird I don't even shiny hunt

    I'm petty and enjoy being right about alola forms
    I see we vary greatly in our opinion on these things. I didn't find them stupid at all and this one remains fine
    I didn't find SM that easy so "still piss easy" means nothing to me.
    I think the remaining new things look fine? The new mythical in particular looks fine in motion and its no more erigious than Lucario or zoroark
    Yeah, I think the first option would be the way to go, with the Year 3 game being a remake or sequel of some older region. As for profitability, I wouldn't be so sure. If USUM was DLC content at a lower price, you'd have more people willing to buy it, so there would be an increase in sales to offset the lower price.
    I mean, that almost defeats the purpose of dual versions.

    I'd rather Pokemon go the New Super Luigi U/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe route. Release the updated version as DLC for the original version but also provide a bundle of the original game + DLC. That'd probably be the most economical way for Game Freak to go about doing DLC.
    Having typed that out I think the gen 2 starters will be fully replaced regardless. After all, GS on vc are right there. Maybe swap in the gen 4 starters since they're the biggest pain to get at this point
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