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  • I think people expecting more than 100 were a bit...lofty in their expectations.

    I'm still thinking it will be the 84 island scan pokemon formally added to the dex (I mean...you can capture them just fine during hte main adventure. little silly!)+ the 2 new UBs (who in the alola dex i assume will come before necorzma and not after) + a smattering of other pokemon
    If we assume Mantine's line, remoraid's line by extension, and Meinfoo's line are all in that'd leave 8 spaces.

    If the island scan pokemon are added to the wild encounter tables instead of staying island scans, I could see the gen 2 & 5 starters swapped out for other pokemon, though, so that'd give another 18. Also if they are removed from Island scan, I can see all the pokemon being replaced with another 28 families.
    Which, having written all out, what I could see happening is introducing an exclusive move that's really good for that pokemon. Like if Flareon got ikd...fire type quick attack.

    That'd be in line with what they sort of did with megas and the 4 moves introduced in ORAS (albeit for legends) and actually sort of what they're doing now with new exclusive z moves. Though I guess based on what we know, Flareon would get a weird fire z move that always went first? Hm.
    So you mean something like...pretend the elemental punches didn't exist, period, until a mid-gen game added them in full?

    Nah I don't think they'll do that. At least not any time soon. Again, moves at this point are trending towards being more gimmicky and spread to few pokemon even if they'd be useful.
    Of the 51 (non z) moves introduced in SM:
    -32 are exclusive to either a single pokemon or a single line (33 if we count the tapus together)
    -~4 of those are only available on only 2 pokemon (or 2 pokemon lines)
    -9 went to less than 9 pokemon

    I think they want moves, at least for now, to give more uniqueness to pokemon or set of pokemon. Some of the exclusive moves introduced for this generation were even signature moves for old pokemon. Ariados/Spinarak got Toxic Thread and Heatmor got Fire lash
    new moves etc would be no more pay to win than mid-gen games already were, honestly. Even if we ignore move tutors, ORAS introduced ~20 new megas and many of them were quite good to say the least.

    That said I don't necessarily see them adding more significantly more moves & abilities unless they're signature moves. Burst seems to have one, for instance. the RSE trio all got new moves exclusive to them. And in general moves & abilities are moving more towards being very distinct and, if not exclusive to the pokemon, somewhat niche.
    Maybe bringing back abandoned items/mechanics from other games.
    So for instance, ORAS bringing back PokeNav was expected. But imagine if a Z happened and it brought back the VS Seeker or if BW2 had the underground. USUM doesn't seem to actually have following pokemon (RIP) but if it did.... Those kind of things.
    Changing out the starters for our "third versions". It's only ever been done in Yellow for obvious reasons, but I mean a complete change out. I'm not sure they'd ever do it, necessarily, but switching the 3 out ofr 3 other starters or 3 entirely new starters or something WOULD be a pretty big change up.
    A significant land mass being added is the only other thing I can think of at this point. Emerald's battle frontier was sort of that, but not quite what I'm talking about. Imagine if DP didn't have the Battle Zone island and instead Platinum added it (well, obvioulsy heatran etc would be moved to the mainland in DP but you get the point). or if USUM added a 5th entirely feature-complete island.
    Don't know, not sure I care. Everything about this game is so uninteresting and there's just so little hope of anything interesting being revealed that I can't bring myself to think about what they could reveal next.
    I imagine the Rotom Dex, Poke Pelago, and Festival Plaza are going (although that last one is something people wouldn't mind going anyway).
    If they really wanted to slim down, XY would have become the standard. One new location and it's a town with the battle thing in it. A super brief quest with a very small handful of trainers. Mewtwo is there in a single open room.
    Instead ORAS had Delta Episode (entirely unrelated to Looker for the record) and a few other minor things and then the weird quasi-post-game I mentioned before. SM had its looker quest, sure, but it also had unexplored portion of Poni Island, an assortment of post-game trainers to go with it and you had some extraneous post-game content like the guzma wrap up, ability to catch the tapu...there was Things to Do.

    I don't know, thinking they're going to completely strip out the post-game beyond a looker side quest & a battle facilty, just seems like a leap at this junction. We'll probably need to wait until the switch game to really see a trajectory, and even then it could be another new-console thing where the game is slim oncontent. Honestly it's surprising that DP had as much as it did considering the problems GF seemed to have with the ds.
    Hmmm I don't quite agree on the post-game thing. I suppose different definitions of "large" might be in play, but I found ORAS* & SM's post-game's of suitable length. Reminded me of DPt and BW1; BW2 probably had more content overall though And mostly content...SM really needed different refightable trainers at the very least. I don't think we'll ever get a battle frontier, mind, and if that's what you meant then I agree. It's a lot of effort with out much pay off. Kind of surprised they never made another PBR-type budget spinoff for battle facilities though....

    *Do you get the feeling that ORAS meant to straight up end after beating kyogre/groudon? The aftermath of that was so weird. You got the national dex, access to most (all?) legendary pokemon, non-native pokemon are now available and in trainer's teams, the game presented beating wallace & going through the e4 as just an option, as if it was just some other thing you could do if you wanted. And then the delta episode could have been like...Mt. Silver as a post-game to a post-game (though i have reservations about considering kanto a post-game but eh)
    oh but while we're talking about dummied out things, do you think the national dex will make a come back or will they just stick with the bank's dex in its place?

    my theory is they nixed it to move away from the propsect of "catching" them all. Even if SM had more than ~382 pokemon, there's still 800 of the things these days....Well we'll see what USUM does I guess. Maybe they just didnt do it in SM since it had less than half of the pokemon available.
    Gen 5 & 6 have all those old item sprites just sitting in the code doing nothing. https://www.spriters-resource.com/fullview/81195/
    XY also doesn't have functional apricorn balls (or park balls), their functionality was dummied out. Same with the apricorn item.

    Even if the sprites weren't what you were talking about, the point stands that if they changed it before they can change it again. Nothing is set in stone. If they want the bike back, or want to bring back HMs, or want to give more TMs, they will re-implement/alter it to do so.
    Being dummied out doesn't mean anything. They can bring them back at any time. Obviously not for USUM, of course,bu t the switch game could easily have both HMs and the bike. They just need to re-implement them.
    They've even done it before! Since FRLG, tons of items have been carried forward but dummied out, then brought back for odds and ends. That lava rock went unused for the entirity of gen 4 but brought back for BW2's heatran event, for instance. Or the apricorn balls went from there but dummied & unusable to fully implemented after 3 generations.
    I'm not sure what old mechanic they could get rid of?
    I don't see them entirely removing the gym concept. Trials are basically gyms in a new hat and if you go super high level, most games have that kind of progression.
    And beyond that there's battle mechanics but I don't ever see them getting rid of something like switching, natures, IVs, etc.

    And honestly HMs will probably come back the moment we leave Alola because we can't have nice things for long.
    well i was mostly joking about the number of tiers, but ~230 probably could make its own decent size sub tiers?

    And sure why not, apply it to the other tiers for kicks! UU-OU is my favorite tier but man, NU-UU is pretty solid
    maybe they can spin PU out into its own micorcausm

    we gen 2 now!
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