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  • Oricorio would be a good one, maybe some imported nectar or something (SINNOH CONFIRMED!!!!!)
    I could definitely see at least one ultra beast get a new form. Maybe Nihilego, if Lillie gets a redesign at all. Barring that, Guzzlord who is kind of important, comparatively. I think there's some merchandise that implies something with ultra beasts that's not just the new solgaleo & lunala...could just be a third necrozma though.

    When the games were first revealed, there was a fun idea of Buzzwole getting svelte while Pheromosa got swole.

    Beyond that, gosh, I'd just like a few more alolan forms, preferably for pokemon outside kanto. No one in particular but I'd like them to stick to the seeming qualities of "hasn't gained a new evolution or mega or other form change". Foretress or Tropius, for example, could probably do some neat things.
    Also preferable: don't make half of them dark types please
    Dig the orange color scheme, wish there was more of a mix going on than "midday, with midnight mane"
    Man I can barely tell anything that is going on in that image
    It'd make sense, though ,since ash's rockruff seeems to evolve at sunset (which I'm sure wont be a pain to evolve)

    I am floored by how the only new information we're getting this month is a new Lycanroc though. what are you doiiiiiiiiinnngggggg gamefreak
    Not even a tease of information!
    Astounding, on every level. Why even bother announcing it in May, honestly.
    If a trailer isn'ts hown/announced by tuesday, I think sadly you're right and we're in for a dead month. Unless they suddenly decided to let CoroCoro have full information spreads.
    I don't think Game Freak has ever flat out announced a new game more than a few months before its release though. They've teased new Pokemon, but that's not quite the same thing.
    While it's definitely possible (rest in peace, the 3 month dead period between XY's reveal and Actual Information), I feel like they could have easily done that this month. Instead we got a blurb and....Movie 20 hat pikachu....??

    That said I can see next month being a light month, at least for as corocoro goes though. Maybe some new art of the player characters since they get slightly different designs, some slight look at the differences in alola and maybe remixed designs for Hau & Lillie.
    Incidentally, I think that we'll see an announcement of more information around the 5th, with them preempting corocoro around the 10th.
    BW2 is our closest comparison. Announced in February (like literally the last day iirc?) for release that June, but they had nothing at all in March beyond a little insert showing the box arts. So effectively they only gave 3-ish months of coverage to the game and that's being generous to the pre-release portion of June.

    But USUM is in a slightly different position so it's not quite a 1:1 comparison. USUM was shown off at the start of june, before corocoro, so corocoro got the usual "hey its these games!" out of the way instantly. BW2 had Black Kyurem & White Kyurem artwork and uhhhhhnothing else. USUM had a full teaser trailer with footage and junk. And BW2's march had a big profile spinoff, conquest, and a new pokemon to show off for the movie. June's corocoro already basically had nothing to showcase...having two consecutive months of nothing would be unusual.

    If we look at SM, which was revealed in April, we see that April was basically a nothing month. We had logos in the """""teaser"""""""" and this beautiful piece of absolutely nothing that same corocoro

    I mean god. Just look at this. Why even bother
    But then starting literally May 10 they hit the ground running and just never stopped. Biweekly major reveals every single month on their own terms up through the game's release+whatever misc nonsense they wanted to show. Corocoro had (extremely minor) new stuff, new stuff at worlds, new stuff at gamescome, new new new. It was insane.

    I'm kiiiind of leaning towards "yes" just because of already having the dead month and that their new style seems to be revealing stuff worldwide all at once while corocoro gets one or two "extra' things to show off.
    Honestly, the only thing that surprises me about this is that they hinted towards it this early, they've never done that before and usually only announced new games out of the blue 4-6 months before they release. It sounds like they're doing damage control because a lot of people bought into the Stars rumor and expected a Switch game this year.

    But yeah, the Switch is a hybrid console and Game Freak did say they were going to develop for a console like this before, so it was only a matter of time before they made the jump.
    Most likely. Overcast Cherrim & Zen Mode Darmanitan are odd in that they were in there at the start, but then removed later. I assume they'll be added later.
    May as well add the cosplay pikachu at some point. The fact they added all these pikachu variants but not the first batch of actual official variants has always been odd and why not add more att this point....

    And of course they'll probably add in Ultra Solgaleo, Ultra Lunala and I Choose You Pikachu.

    Actually I kind of suspect we'll get those before we ever touch the 2 primals.
    This isn't new, actually, they've done it before. Off the top of my head, the dusclops line and rayquaza are the biggest examples. Then you have stupid things like rerunning ex stages (Gallade).
    Repackaging special stages is something they should have been doing since they started doing repeat pokemon.
    I haven't followed smogon's tiering for a while, but I know last time I checked in there was a lot of butting heads over the current crop and imminent bannings and should these really be banned then what about this and so on. Feels like at some point they're going to need to talk more thoroughly about this.
    Seems obvious that the next games after USUM are 8th gen on the Switch. The only question is whether or not they'll be in 2018 or 2019.
    Yeah that was a pleasant twist. It really looks like a growth or parasite and I dig that a lottttt
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