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  • No big deal. Like I said, I can just breed it when I get to the Daycare Center after I send you Chikorita and restart.
    It's hard to get a female one. I'm also starting Black with a friend here on the forums, with Hoenn themed teams. But I've got to beat the first gym leader, and I'm only at Juniper's Lab at the start of the game. I cannot seem to get motivated.
    I'll be rocking a Psychic monotype through Black 2. I'll battle you once I beat Elesa, then once I beat Skyla, then when I beat Marlon, and then once before the E4.
    I know. It's a decent idea as well. Cofagrigus would be interesting, as would Xatu. They don't really have great speed do they :p

    I'm currently making my Ubers rain team. I've currently got 3 members, same as the first time I made the team. But it feels more kinetic.
    Reuniclus should be one. It's powerful, bulky and has a crap speed stat. Other than that, I can't think of many. Maybe Slowbro, but that's another Psychic type. I don't really know.
    Rhyperior is an option. But Sunny Day is not. If we went with TTar for example, then Rhyperiors Special Defense is raised by 50%, as well as Solid Rock weakens super effective attacks. Rhyperior shouldn't stay in on Water types anyway.
    Eh, fair enough.

    Trick Room huh? It's interesting, but you have 4 turns (one turn is having set up Trick Room) to damage stuff with extremely slow Pokémon. It could work, as Conkeldurr and Reuniclus are badass. With TTar, that'd be a Fighting + Psychic + Dark core, with Sand to wear the opponent down. You'd also have Stealth Rock. So it could work.
    Anyway, as we're both up for making a team, I was thinking OU. Simply because my current teams suck on the ladder. And to compose the team, we just bounce around ideas we get to build the team. But first, we must pick a playstyle, and whether weather will be the main point of this team. Do you want to make a weather team, or weatherless?
    Black huh? Cool. If you did, I'd be your rival. Just send each other our friend codes from the Pal Pad, and whenever we're both on we can battle.
    Really? If you did restart a game, what game would it be?

    I think we should make a competitive team together, for Showdown. We can both battle with it. It'd help me understand how you go about doing things competitively, and it'd help you learn how to do things competitively.
    Hmm... in game wise, I look at the Pokedex and pick 6 Pokémon I like and want to use. Then I use it. Like I'm restarting Pearl, which was my first ever completed game, to make it more competitive for myself. I'm now looking for Pokémon that I want to use. I won't use powerful Legendaries in my teams, although once in a while I'll break that rule (I'd be using Azelf in Platinum if I was going to finish it).

    Competitive wise, I like offense more than the other playstyles. Hitting hard, hitting fast, weakening walls, tanking hits and healing up, and setting up late game... all fun for me. Which playstyle competitively do you prefer? Offense, Bulky Offense, Stall, Semi Stall, Weather Offense, Balance, Weather Stall, etc.
    I honestly don't know what else you could do. I make teams, a lot of teams. Most actually work, but I just enjoy the planning :D. You could start a game (such as Black/White, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) and post on what you've been doing on there. Otherwise, I don't know.

    Do you have a preferred playstyle?
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