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  • As does the rest of the trading population...Alright, if yer sure. Thanks for the trade then!! If you're interested in hunting more my Events are always up for trade hahah.
    Ah sure! Lemme get my DS up. You said you didn't need cloning? Are you sure?
    Darn, I did miss you after all. @@ I do have everything ready to trade when we do catch each other! As of this message it's about 9 AM on Mon for me, and I'll be around all day!
    Weird, no one I've traded with has ever done it that way. @@ Hm, could possibly do it tonight assuming I'm home on time, or I'll be around all day tomorrow (my Mon, probaby your SUn afternoon/evening).
    Nope. I don't tend to register FCs until the trade is actually gonna happen. I also expected you to come online and tell me you were ready to trade, but you didn't show up so I assumed you were busy. >w>
    Sorry for the inconvenience! My PM inbox was full. I've cleared a lot of space when I got the notice from Serebii that you had tried to send me a message. If you want, you can try again now :]
    Hello there! I am online now and will be ready to trade when you are! I should be around for the rest of my night (about 3 hours) but not much later. c:
    [Is your Generation 3-5 Events Legitimate? Meaning unclone? Do you have a Wondercard for the Keldeo and Legendary Cats?] :]
    hey just post anything on the FEAR clan you were accepted and also im gonna need to test battle you ;)

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    sure, but there are 2 reasons why i cant: 1. i cant find my platinum for the moment 2 my team isnt finished yet
    U don't have to battle me anymore o.o your not in Freezeing anymore right? And Andrew put me in the war insted
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