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  • Waaaah? !~ And it's totally okay. But awesome! My brother got that game about a week ago when he bought his 3DS. It's pretty fun. :3
    Well I asked you first- but if you insist. It's been alright. I spent my day (unsuccessfully) soft resetting for shiny Dialga, making grilled cheese sandwiches, and keeping the house clean. How was yours~?
    Well... if you like using support moves, then i have these tips: 1, keep it to one move per poke. 2, always use Restore vs. Rest. Restore heals you without putting you to sleep. even if you have a Chesto, it only works once, while Restore heals you without any negative effects, like putting your poke to sleep. 3, stay away from Protect, Detect, exc., because it only stalls. safeguard if useful, but not often, unless the person you are batting uses status changing moves frequently. hope this helps as well!
    Ok, on your team help: 1, use as many moves as possible with high attack and accuracy, and use only attack moves. Leave extra damage to abilities, like Spore, and Sand Stream. 2, use only one type of each move on each pokes, to give you a huge range of coverage. 3, only use different types of pokes, instead of something like 4 dragons. If I'm being to harsh or critical, let me know, but these tips should help you. Hope they work!
    Hello! I just came back from school, and I'm very busy tomorrow, so we can battle on Friday. That ok?
    Good morning, and unfortunately, I only got my Nintendo Wi-Fi 1½ months ago, and haven't started on any aspects of competitive battling. But, if you send me your team list with movesets, exc., I'll give you my thoughts on what works and what doesn't. Thanks!
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