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  • I did not see your message until now (when I got home).
    Yes, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about Pokemon, or I can direct you on the right course to find an answer should I not be knowledgeable enough.

    What;s your question?

    First, the good news. I got a brand new Metallic Rose DS from trading in my old Coral Pink DS and getting a discount! And it way way WAY better than I expected! The pink is dark and shiny and not to girly but it is feminin and...
    Ahem...(sorry off topic) the bad news...well...

    Due to the fact that this is a brand new DS that had no current settings of Wifi and I could not transfer the setting to my old one because of the trade in-discount, I lost all of my friends on my friend roster on Platinum. (All my pals on the pal pad.)

    So... unfortunately, when and if we go to trade again...I'm going to have to redue your User name and number and mine all over again...which is very tedious...then again...it's not like we can't trade at all. :D

    Hope you understand,

    I'm back...sorry...I've been gone a while...after all there is more to life than Pokemon and the Internet. But I'll be on sometimes! Just not as much...anyways...Seeya around my pokepals!
    Dear visitors,

    for the remainder of summer, I am 95% likely to be spending time on vacation for things like cottage trips, reunions, and amusement park fun. I will try to log on every once and a while but I do have a social life aswell y'know. So, please regard this when going on this channel or PMing me.

    Thank you,

    That's cool and also a different name :) ugh I just woke up that's why I just answered now also how are you doing
    Nice well good luck it took me a long time to get into chaining
    Curently I'm working on the battle tower my recored is a 19 in multi and a 14 in single
    That's a creatative name as most people call me SAI lol
    I really don't care that much about nature because i like my pokemon no matter what nature it has but thanks 4r answering my question =)
    Carefull ups sp. def and lowers sp. atk. This is just my opinion, but you might want a nature thats neutral, ups attack, or ups sp. atk. But if you like the nature, then stick with it.
    hey I have a question which nature is good for sentrets/ furrets because I have careful nature
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