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  • yeah my discord is aspyd#9777

    those pokemon are probably gone then, sorry. i do miss clans, or really just some sort of smaller pokemon community. most small forums died out as well as the clans on here, so all that's left is big, general forums. i'm hesitantly excited for gen 8 though v.v
    d'you remember what gen that would've been on? someone stole all my ds case like six years back, so if it was before gen six they're probably gone forever :(

    if i can find my 3ds i'll take a look on all the cartridges i have though

    split this into two messages because the character limit is crazy low
    yeah actual chatrooms had some sort of charm to em, not sure why. i play occasionally but haven't in a while, but no comp. didn't like gen 7 at all, and haven't bought let's go yet. hopefully gen 8 will be good though. i have no idea about those pokemon though, holy **** i barely even remember doing that.
    nice- gl with your transferring! i've thought about making my way out of state but i'm not sure..
    meta(lsonic) had a guild going for a long while that she talked me into, but i wasn't active. it wound up officially dying last august or so? i'm still on their discord server (rip xat) with a few others (ptz, bgp, dewhinifier might be names you know). now i hop on sppf every few weeks just out of habit at this point.
    yo that's a name i haven't seen in a long while

    it's been decent enough, first year of uni went kinda shitty but it looks like things are on an upswing now
    hbu my guy
    Hey! Things have been going relatively well. Looks like you haven't logged in recently either. I've been keeping up with the Pokemon games, but I haven't visited the forums in a long while. I think I'll be on a bit more often. Just looking at the forums is really nostalgic. It's been, what, three years? It feels longer.
    yeah, i'm not applying anywhere because of another person. regardless of where i attend there'll be plenty of new people, especially compared to my graduating class of ~140.
    i only have two pairs of /nice/ shoes- nmds and some leather sneakers. everything else is just beaters. so many shoes i want to buy but it's hard to justify with college right around the corner.

    nmds suck for driving though, especially stick shift.
    i've always gotten by without studying so now that it's somewhat needed, i'm not exactly sure how to approach it. as long as my AP exams are at least both 4's and i don't drop below b's it'll be alright c:
    most of the people i talk to aren't applying to my top choice schools, so unless i don't get into anywhere but my backup school (that i'm pretty much guaranteed to get into), i won't have a whole lotta contact with them after graduation.

    i used to play a good bit of video games, but my computer is getting slower and nothing ever gets optimized anymore so i can't play anything anymore. now i just read (manga) more, and i've started interning at the library near me. developed a casual interest in clothing/sneakers too.
    yeah. what kinda sucks is that i'm pretty passive and don't have a personal claim in the drama, but the people i talk to are splitting apart from each other from drama between them, which makes it to hard be around people and whatnot. typical high school things. probably won't see any of them after next summer anyway.
    grades another story, i'll probably be getting all b's this year.

    yeah, there's other people i recognize on here but nobody that i had a whole lot of contact with. kinda sad, but that's life.
    wish i could enjoy it all, college apps and stupid drama are far too draining. plus what little motivation i had in me is disappearing.
    i just want to be done and accepted into somewhere already (chapel hill pls).

    the guild has been pretty nice. i was almost coerced into competitive again, but am too lazy. can't say i invest myself anywhere close to PI or GVV.
    man it's been ages, hasn't it. for some reason i'm still here, haha. not too sure why. metalsonic talked me into joining her clan so that's been a nice little remembrance of years ago n.n

    you graduated high school this past year, right? iirc you're a year older and i'm in the midst of college applications now (fun times :]]]).
    yo man it's alright! i'm super busy with uni stuff but I can vouch it's pretty lively there, worth joining bruh
    ehhhh kinda! I guess I get on here for memory sake and to get in touch with old pals

    I'm playing on showdown mostly but UU, and niche things like 1v1's which is fun af but I joined the guild because I guess it's another sense of serebii community ya feel?
    Oh, wow! interesting. I'm sorry to hear that though :( but that's nice you still have that love for pokemon :). I kinda had a similar way. Loved it since it came out, wasn't too over obsessive, but still watched the anime and played the games, and then remarathoned and replayed the anime and games and joined here in 2013. Then, when school started took a hiatus and now i'm back :0
    I havnt played X/Y i want to just so i can experiance it, but that involves spending money on something i might not use all too often
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