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  • Yea that is why i dont do any comp aswell, My youngest brother got me hooked again on the games he got AS for his birthday so I bought OR to play against him
    thanks. No i dont, i do participate in ASB, im in a guild still but i dont really do much atm im running a RBY OU CCAT but after that i doubt ill do much. You?
    oops not wrist ankle. Yea i intend on working hard have 9 more courses for my pre requisites for my program. Dont be nervous i actually found uni easier than highschool it just means that you have to put the effort in instead of being hounded by teachers
    Overall ive been decent; atm not the best, semester started out badly so I currently have 1/3 of the classes I started with and sprained my wrist so im off work for another few days. But other than that life is swell :) How have you been?
    Not much man i'm surprised ur still around! i kinda quit pokemon for awhile but lately I've been playing fire red :) but it's the shiny hunts that keep me playing xD right now im on 1,116 're' for shiny magikarp lmao
    yup, i'm a sophomore. kinda amazed it's been that long since i joined in sixth grade n.n
    i preferred late gen 4/gen 5 comp. the last normal gens before /megas/.
    randoms are fun to just mess around in when i have spare time, i barely know the oras meta beyond megamence (who's banned anyway). don't even know what tournaments they have here, i log in like once every month at most. mainly to keep track of my mango list, haha.
    yeah me and dra talk on steam from time to time. the bastard got me into tf2, which has taken days/months of my life. used to talk to moose and a few others occasionally, but not so much anymore.
    the only comp i do is to absolutely destroy people i know, and occasionally join random/strange tournaments on some other forums. sppf guilds aren't what they used to be, which is kinda saddening n.n

    are you on your last year of high school, or are you a junior?
    it's been pretty decent here. typically school stuff is about it, i do about nothing productive in life bar that, haha.
    i didn't end up staying away from pokemon for too long, xy dragged me back in and oras kept me there n.n

    surprisingly, the only people i've remotely kept in contact with from the old clans/guilds were draforce and epou.
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