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  • Just thought I'd let you know, you might want to change your signature now that Iris is confirmed to be an in-game character.
    Hey man!

    We got a Puerto Rican community going on, on Smogon. You should come along and represent P.R. Ya tu sabe tipo!!...LO Q AYY ES HUMO INTENSO AHORA! Jajajaja
    Oh ok Wow I need to watch it again b/c I don't remember them looking mad like it. Thx a lot again!
    I used to frequent IGN Boards like six years ago, but I never got around to checking The Vestibule. I stopped going to the boards around the time it got popular, if I recall.
    Yeah, I've been on the internet for years, but the other forums I go to are really small so most people are from the US. I know Serebii is huge but I wasn't expecting to find another Puerto Rican on my second day here XD
    Hey! I just joined yesterday and already I found someone from Puerto Rico! I'm Puerto Rican too, so this is pretty cool! I've never met others in an internet forum!
    Greetings once more... after a rather strange yet thoughtful family visit that wrapped up earlier this week. It would seem that you've sensed the foundation of trust and confidence between Ash and Dawn quite well, and after using that visit to reflect on the circumstances and events that led me to Pearlshipping -- and my other most influential pairings -- I find myself more certain of that conclusion than I would've ever imagined even back in June. The factors involved appeared to me over the past several years, but the issues they raised may have already presented themselves to me without any realization on my part. Between Ash's traditional willpower and Dawn's compassion, I'd say that these two kids have fared rather nicely during their Sinnoh adventure.
    I have been busy for the last few days so what day is the last day to hand in the fanfic?
    Yes I am from Puerto Rico . Ah I see , well I learned how to speak and type in english all by myself when I was little and a few years a go I think I perfected it XD .
    Haven't noticed this until now ..............OMFG you are from Puerto Rico !!! lol nice to see another Puerto Rican in these forums xD , nice to meet ya.
    Same here. I'm still very angry about Ash losing to Tyson in the Evergrande Tournament. That could be a good scenario, especially since Ash's gotten beaten badly by Flint and Bertha.
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