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  • Thank you! And yep, just my Associates. Nothing too fancy, but it all went by pretty fast. 2 years can fly by. Now to just relax (finally) and enjoy the (so far) beautiful summer!
    Thank ya! And sorry for the late reply, school work has been dragging me away from anything fun for a little bit (so many final papers due, thankfully there's only a week left!)
    You and I both then, haha. Hopefully you aren't getting too stressed out though! (if you have any awesome art or stuff, feel free to send it my way if it's not weird. I like art stuff!)
    Good! You have any ideas of what you wanna do after college? I think we may have talked about it before, but who knows, maybe things have changed.
    Heya! Just popping in to say I hope everything's going over well with you in school and such, we haven't talked in quite a while (I've been overworked by school and my job, leaving me with little free time to do much x.x )
    I have no clue why Serebii never notified me that I got that visitor message from you... but I hear you, I've been more than buried by school and everything else x.x
    With an Avatar Hurrah! , I salute you a Happy Birthday from the Air Nomads!

    Believe me, I know Adult Swim.
    Oh god, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. LOVED that one. It's and I'm actually rewatching it now! And I did love Death Note as well. I'll be sure to check out Durarara!!... I think it's either on Hulu or Netflix (or both, I know I've seen the name before). And FLCL has been on my list of anime to watch for a REALLY long time, so like Durarara!!, I'll get on that and let you know what I think!
    Damn. Sorry to hear that. Well, it's not much, but if you're ever stressful and need to talk, I'm all ears!
    Also, you said you like anime. Any recommendations? I'm trying to find new ones to watch.
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