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  • They're Art Rock / Alt Rock. They're sound kind of changes between songs. I recommend War, Rapture, and... Dammit, can't remember the name of the song >_>
    No, you don't get what I'm saying;

    I'm asking you if you like the band Hurt, not to go listen to them. >_>
    I've listened to a few. Strike Of The Ninja, Soldiers of the Wasteland, Heroes of Our Time, and Operation Ground and Pound.
    Hm. Like I said, I've took one look at Dragonforce... I hated it. Mostly because I fine Speed Metal almost humorous it's so over the top.
    By favorite, I only meant a few bands XD And, no offense, but lolDragonforce. I can't tell the difference in their songs. I posted in the 'favorite bands' thread and have the second post if you want to see mine.
    Yeah, they're good. And if you think it's that overdone, you probably haven't really delved that far into it.
    You hate Classic Hard Rock? No Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, or Dio then? ;_; Stoner Metal combines Blues Rock, Doom Metal, and Psychedelic Rock into one production, generally personified by a slow tempo, bass heavy sound, and melodic vocals. Sludge Metal is probably the heaviest you'll ever hear me listen too; it combines Doom Metal and Hardcore Punk with shouted vocals, tempos that contrast, and extremely distorted instruments.
    Sounds a bit like me; I listen to Alt Metal, Post-Grunge, Grunge, Classic Hard Rock, and most genre's of Rock. I'm starting to like some Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal too.
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