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  • Well, I highly recommend it! It'll probably make you cry, but once again I don't know how emotional of a person you can be. It's a perfect cross between action, comedy, and... awesomeness. Check it out! It's on Netflix and such.
    Not sure if you'd like it (mostly because I don't know if you like anime at all) but it's called Angel Beats.
    And sweet! It sounds like it was fun. I really should try doing that sometime soon before all my friends go back to college.
    Christmas was pretty good. It was pretty much just big meals and "family time" and such. New Years was pretty fun, I went out to a friends house and found out about a pretty cool anime. was your New Years fun?
    I'm a wee bit stressed. Just work and finals week for college. Gah. Ah well though! Only a few more days then I'm free for a month! What've you been up to?
    That's a great quote. I feel like for me it's not much of a "holding on" thing but more of a "float along" kind of thing. If that makes any sense.
    It's good to apply everywhere! Just see where you can get into and choose the best. I'm still deciding where I want to go after this one. It's all messed up right now x.x
    Fees? ew. I didn't have that issue with my college... But mines also a community college (one of the highest in the country though), so I just went to an instant admission thing at my high school. How many are you looking at?
    What else have you been doing for college that's lasted two weeks? Any visits, or just testing and choosing some?
    Yeah... She decided not to when most of our student body went to a 30-person-limit open house. The students were there, teachers, everyone in the school district. So many people went... And she hardly listened and only stopped when news channels started picking up
    Yeah... My high school started to rot itself from the administration down. Many, many issues with the superintendent that led to many teachers being fired and almost all art and music programs cut. It caused MASSIVE outrage and made it on a lot of news channels and everything. But she was just so rude about it... Ugh. High school is behind me now, but it still bites me in the *** from time to time (it really messed up my math courses for college)
    Standardized testing.... To me that was the worst part of it all. Jumping in may sound scary, but it's not all bad to be honest. For me it's been pretty easy so far. Just make sure to have some fun in your senior year, alright? The change still strikes me every so often. Not so much in a bad way, but in a way that just makes me think.
    Ugh, yeah. It's all a pain. Hm. Do you think you'll take a year off and get a job and save money, or go to a community college for a while?
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