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  • Yeah, everything's alright. Just college and such gettin me down in free time a little.
    Well. I honestly can't think of any more questions about this hobby anymore. But it does sound pretty fun! I need to find a hobby.
    Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond, life got really crazy for a little while.
    Hm... Are these things costly or is it just a fun hobby?
    I would totally go for that!
    So I take it you have all the crazy limited edition drinks like the ones promoting Halo, or where people voted on different flavors?
    Geez, your friends are nice. If I find something that could be rare I'll let you know. Now, do you only collect drinks or do you have other things like posters or something?
    How do you go about finding them? Like, do you just hop on ebay once in a while and see whats there, or do you go in search of one kind in specific?
    Still though, I feel bad. I was going to make it a point to say it to you then just got bogged down.
    Oooooh. I wish I had a hobby like that. Not to keep pushing questions at you about it, but what would you say is the most interesting one you have?
    *SHOOT*. I forgot to say happy birthday! I've been so busy with college and everything. I'm sorry! Erm. Happy belated brithday!
    Woo to not smoking I think. I don't either.
    And yeah, those. um. Unlike cigarettes, I don't think sites like that are all too protective about the age of the people that go on them.
    OH! You can order things off TV! Even if there's not much to buy there anymore.
    Well... uh, depending on where you live I think, you can vote, get lottery tickets, um. Hold on lemme think.

    Nope. Not much else that's too great. Everything else I can think of you've probably done before anyway.
    Yeah, I get what you mean. A few months ago when I turned 18 it was... weird. I knew I could do a lot more, but it was just kinda eh. It wasn't the most amazing thing in the world, but it felt pretty nice (does that sound weird?).
    I'm sure you will, it's so much better.
    And WOW. This work is great! I want to pick a favorite but I can't really. It's all really good!
    Just looked to the right. Are you excited for your birthday?
    Oooo. That sounds awesome. I used to draw tons, but then I just never found any time for it. I still do it as much as I can though. (College = awesome, by the way. Loving it so far, got my schedule, looked it over. It's perfect!)
    Do you have anything you've done online anywhere?
    Choices, choices, choices. What do you want to do when the time comes to choose where you want to go? (For that matter, any ideas on a career or something?)
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