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  • (second comment due to character limit. please read the one before it, its about my forum and its important to me)

    My autism has been improving a lot. I don't seem to have meltdowns so much now :)
    Hi again. I wanted to tell you this, so you don't freak out next time you go on my forum.

    There's a glitch on my forum right now that randomly bann's members. It's attacked my friend raichu27 several times. We don't know what causes this glitch, but if you login to my forum or access it sometime and find you're banned, its most likely due to this glitch. I wouldn't bann you for no reason.
    Hi! I notice you haven't been on for awhile. I guess you've been busy? Either way, I hope you've had an awesome easter :D

    I didn't tell a lot of jokes today dispite it also being april fools day. I like easter more xD
    Thought i'd tell you ahead of time: Happy Easter! :3

    I'll likely be ready to talk regularly to you again around the 20th of April.

    I hope early spring has been going well for you overall :)

    Feel free to wish me a happy easter too if you like :)
    I'm sure after a month things will go pretty smooth again :) Don't feel bad. I do have autism.

    I look forward to being able to talk to you easily again too^^ And next time, i won't let myself meltdown. I know you care about me. My anxiety issues shouldn't cloud that.

    After about a month my brain should be more develuped too :) I'll have more an idea to just 'get offline' before a major meltdown starts. I may even start talking to you again sooner than a month. I really did like talking to you, and found you to be a ray of sunshine^^ So you have nothing to worry about. We're still friends. Living with autism is hard, but i'm determined to not allow myself to hurt anyone over it again.

    ...Also, my mom said its possible something I ate before last night really, really didn't agree with me. We think it's that honey we bought. It may have been triggering my old sugar sensitivity :/
    Hi trappity! :3 I'm waiting for you to vm me back lol xD I hope you are doing well today :D And having an awesome spring so far ^_^
    Yep :3 Thats the image I used! Its pretty, isn't it? :D

    I want to add pictures of sunflowers to my pinterest sometime^^ Sunflowers are super happy, and i've been getting into being very happy overall lately ;D

    I had a lot of barbies as a kid! Did you as well? ;3

    Jewel Pets is awesome^^ I really liked the season called 'kira deco'. It was more childish than the other seasons, with the super hero theme and the female AND male child cast and the general love for snacks the kids had xD I saw every episode as well.

    Awww thank you :3 I do really like seeing them! And, I agree, I do seem like her hugest fan ever ^_^ Its amazing i wasn't that way as soon as i saw her xD I'm still not sure why that is, but i'm glad to be a super huge fan (and fangirl as well) now :D

    I just woke up, so i haven't had much of a day yet xD What about yourself? :)
    OH! Thats the avatar i used on valentines day! :3 How adorable ^_^

    I really like flowers that are yellow, or pink ;3

    Yeah, super happy korrinas for spring starting for the win ;D happy first day of spring (it was yesterday but oh well xD)

    Yeah^^ I've always liked blonde hair a lot as a kid, too. So it makes sense i'd like her a lot as an older person due to that too x3

    YAY! FELLOW SANRIO FAN! :D *high five* have you watched any sanrio anime? I really liked the jewel pets ones^^

    You and N would be cute for each other X3; but i love it when you use korrina avs like me too! xD Even if you probably aren't into her like i am, from what it seems to me :p.....maybe over time that'll change as we talk a lot. hahaha. I didn't get into her till i was 26, myself, anyways! and WOW did it esculate :O :)

    I like the av i'm using right now, but i plan on trying your former one sometime, too^^ her face there was sexy :3 and the new av you're using is so cute :D
    (post two due to character limit LOL)

    Yeah, i was never in a public school! Do you have autism, like i do? I was homeschooled due to my condition. Same with my brother.

    Yeah, i want a happy ending like that too ^_^ She inspires me. You inspire me too :)

    By the way, thanks for the first post on my forum^^ It made me smile. I hope you'll post in the korrina board sometime too :D Maybe even comment on some of my adorable fangirling xD

    I bet you may of had a bit of a crush on N :3 Am i right? XD I didn't fangirl over him like korrina, but i relate to him. That would be cute if i like korrina and you like N! :3

    Your avatar is still so beautiful. It should be the next one i use too xD Although, i was also planning on using a korrina video game image :p I thought, that would be a funny idea for an avatar xD She does seem like someone else in the games a bit. I like that sites have stated she's bi in the games, too =) I'm not sure if she is in the anime, no one has paired her with serena, but i still like thinking her and super girly little me are an item, anyways, whether or not it does make sense X3;; she just makes me so happy. i'm sure she would like having a strong female friendship too. It seems like it would work with her. So i think a couple could indeed happen! :3
    Awwwwwwwwwww! That is SO CUTE! :3 White is also really pretty, as well as pink!^^ I bet you're very fond of white flowers :)

    N is probably one of my top favorite pokemon characters after korrina. I've been told i'm like him in real life. Also, he's pretty cute, i must admit^^ though korrina's still the overall cutest xD

    Isn't my new avatar so awesome? :D Its yellow, one of my own favorite colors, too^^ my favorites are almost the same as yours; instead of pink and white for me, its pink and yellow^^ yellow reminds me of pokemon a lot too ;3 even korrina has yellow in her design, with her blonde hair xD

    Red and white are indeed nice to me too though. They're the colors korrina's dress is ;3

    Yellow has been my most favorite color at times when pink hasn't been. its so happy and uplifting^^ i love yellow daffodils, too. I hope i see them soon. I drew cute characters wearing daffodils yesterday =) One was hello kitty^^
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