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Recent content by Traveller

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    Trainer Customization Thread

    I'm glad I decided to play the girl character this time. Theres much better clothes and styles to choose from. Btw, how come the pictures aren't loading on the serebii page? All the guy options are, but theres nothing loading for the girls styles.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Just thinking about the few who have different forms in each version.. I'd like to be able to get both.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Hey, this has probably been answered. But, can you get more than one of each Mega Stone? So I can trade stones to a friend?
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    Pokemon in Australia

    I saw the latest Pokemon movie is out on Blu Ray/DVD here now, the packaging is really awful it seems though, its basically cardboard. But it is cheap, $15.
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    Pokemon in Australia

    Hey guys. If you live in Australia and want to win tickets to the Hoyts showing of movie 15. Enter this competition, it closes today, but I don't think there has been many entries. The drawing does not have to be great, just the idea etc. http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/contest/33016
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    Celebi - Voice of the Forest! (M04)

    Does anyone know what release of this movie I should get? I'd probably like to get it on Blu Ray, but would it be just as good getting the DVD? Does the Blu Ray's include everything the same?
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    Black: Victini & Reshiram (14)

    Hey Does anyone know if this will be released on blu ray either in Australia or somewhere with a compatible region?
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    Mewtwo Strikes Back! (M01)

    Hey Just a quick question, if I buy the Japanese DVD, I know it has the dub track, but are the subtitles real subs of the Japanese or just the English script? Also does the pikachu short have the English version?
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    wat was most popular pokemon for competitive??

    My team was Charizard Blastoise Gengar Zapdos Mewtwo Snorlax Not saying I was uber competitive, but I never lost to people I knew from school.
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    Yeah, and your mum used to also buy this to decorate it for you. I miss that..
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    Hey im not 100% sure about this, but in the original versions, could you decorate your room? For some reason I can remember this, but I may be mistaken. If this is true then im annoyed that they took it out of the new remakes.
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    Hey all I recently kinda amazingly found an sealed original 1st edition starter deck, the one that comes with machamp shiny. It is an Australian release. Any idea if this is worth something? Thanks