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    You should be glad folks like him are about; giving the green light to torturing people on suspicion can lead to some pretty ugly situations for innocent people.
    I wasn't being sarcastic if that's what you meant. I was honest when I said folks like him keep folks like me in check. :D
    Personally I'd enforce a "no idiots" law.

    If you're too stupid to do the following

    Use You're/Your correctly.
    Use Lose/Loose correctly.
    Use Their/They're/There correctly.

    At say, 15 years old, then we dump you in the middle of the ocean after cutting you open in a few places.
    I fail to see the reason why you would cut them. After all, in the ocean your blood actually clots quicker than in air because of the high concentration of salt. Now if you dumped them in fresh water their blood wouldn't clot.
    Why the hell don't have more VM's?

    Excuse me while I abuse my power.
    Hiya .TraX.!

    You've been popping up a lot recently. Glad to see your soul's not stuck on the roof. ^_^
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