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  • My avatar & usertitle go with whatever my rank is so it will receive a change in about 30 more posts.
    I'm fine. Last Monday, I had to send my netbook to Texas to get it fixed, so it should be fixed soon. I was on my Wii for Internet for a little bit although it is slow. Then, my dad said my brother and I can use his laptop which I am presently on. I almost didn't recognize you from the different avatar!
    Your signature looks like it might be over the Signature Limit. If that's the case and a mod comes by, you'd get a Signature Strike.
    Thanks. Also, good luck on your next attempt. Just so you know, typing normal also means using when capitlization & punctuation marks where appropriate.
    Well, I was saying how horrible it was. The least you could have done was not take xmikeyxlikesitx's EXAMPLE and also you could made the title look nicer. My brother types on Face Book with all those words like lol and whatnot, yet he still does fine here. He also texts with text talk, but types normal here. If you read the SPPf Rules, you'd know it is not recommend to type like that here since it is annoying and can get hard to understand.

    Now, ask a mod to close your fanfiction and just don't post stuff like that until you work on your typing and such, although that would take forever with you. Also, just type normally here and try to be a normal and reasonable member here and we wont have any problems.

    Also, read the FanFiction & Advice for Aspiring Authors Threads.
    OK, but you still have silly opinions in the Next Pokemon Capture Thread.

    EDIT: I looked at your fanfiction and.....wow.
    hey if anyones looking at my profile well please have a look atmy new fan fiction and read my new shannon's kanto adventure
    You and treecko maina are very similar. For one, the username is similar. You both have annoying grammar and annoy the hell out of me with your posts of annoyingness. I believe that you are treecko maina just trying to get on everyone's nerves. Your post about Paul's reserves in the Next Pokemon Thread was basically what treecko maina said. Why don't you just either leave this forum or just stop being a pain in the *** for once?
    I dont know I was just curious, because you two both type the same and have almost exactly the same Interest and favorite pokemon. Dont get mad if I say this but I think that your him
    Uhh I dont mean to offend your are anything but is this Treecko-Maina?
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