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  • Oh, I now have the Legendary Trio (the dragcave kind XD). Hopefully I can breed them.

    I'll give you an egg once I can breed them. I'm not going to inbreed. Is that okay?
    Hi! I am breeder just like you trying to get a awesome team in white although I am not very good at battling too ^_^ Wanna be friends?
    Hey, want an Electric dragon? They aren't exactly rare, but they have neat sprites. I'll give you one if you want.

    But seriously, if there were zombie dragons in real life... As a friend of mine once said, "There are two kinds of people-those who have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, and those who don't. We call those last people f-o-o-d.
    They're everywhere on the Abandoned Page. It's not a question of "trying" to get one...

    Also, do you care whether they're inbred or not?
    Yeah, I enjoy reading. I mostly read manga, though. Manga is still reading something at least. xD
    Oh, if you get a male Green dragon you can breed it with your Stone to produce a Geode dragon. Another way to get a Geode is to breed two Greens together-they'll occasionally have a mutated egg that's a Geode. The egg in my signature is a mutation.
    Ah, I see. I've spent my summer going to the library. I've been taking a lot of morning walks because it's easier to walk there in the summer.
    ↓I see Palamon's using yellow...on another forum she uses red. Yet she hates color.

    Anyway, are you planning on using the Describe feature on dragcave? This is mine:

    The last paragraph on the dragon is my description. It can be used to describe anything about the dragon-its physical abnormalities, its mental uniqueness, etc.

    It's actually the first dragon I ever had.
    Lol, yeah. I don't want to abandon the egg as I may use it to try to create a neat lineage if no one wants it. I don't not want it, but...I can always breed again and hope for better results and also get a nice lineage.
    You know, you can just abandon it Xd

    You still sure you want the teleport link?

    Btw, eggs can be transferred between users via the Breed Specific Action Magis have, which is called Teleport. You can create a two-way trade or one-way transport, and you accept the trade/transfer when you're given a link to the teleport page which is generated when a trade/transfer is and click Accept.
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