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  • Thats awesome :) My very first was a Totodile on a new game without saving (though i'm partial to Chikorita now^^ Chikorita's soo cool).

    I kind of ended up regreting not choosing Treecko on Sapphire years later cuz he really is neat (I picked Torchic). But I can still admire him on the anime :) I really like his calm personality. I could learn something from that!^^ I can be too impulsive and emotional...

    What kinds of video games do you like, besides pokemon? :)
    Robotic Wind suggested that my character, Izu, contact you in some way. It might be a good opportunity for me to get more acquainted with your character.
    Marion has updated Phantom Isle, and we're coordinating things in our Time-Out thread here on Serebii, so please go there when you get the chance. Thanks!
    Man how have you not read my fanfic yet? Especially considering how I have a Treecko named Aoki in it kicking butt and taking names (Especially in Chapter 5 and 15)
    You love Treecko. What's wrong with you?

    Jk. I actually chose Treecko as my partner in the first PMD game because I had never seen or at least used one.
    It's a good idea to state moves your Pokemon learned as it levels up so there's no confusion where it learned a certain move, i.e. Treecko learning Absorb in your post in the FB Bank.
    You have just surpassed Chuck Norris on the scale of awesomeness, and are rapidly approaching Bruce Lee.
    Are you implying that Bruce Lee is better than Chick Norris.
    Bobandbill's The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum, one of the best fics on this site, IMO, has the main character capture two legendary Pokemon, and it's done very well.
    Sometimes I wish we had that like button feature BMGf has because I would totally like your post just for this comment. (I.e., high five for awesome taste?)
    thanks for that Trainer creator thing, im thinking of making Coming War characters, or some for Project Migration, which is still very much in the works. Thanks again
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