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  • Hey there, I hear you wanna spread the word of Treeko. Well, I wanna spread the word of Sneasel, so what you say about a trade, I can offer a male jolly with perfect Def. IV and Fake out and Bite as egg moves (if you give me a day I can offer one with that moveset, nature and IV with Reflect as an additional egg move)
    Sorry, I already have an Oshawott (and by extension, all the starters).
    Just bring in any random pokémon, I'm not picky.
    Oh, so the time difference is about 6 hours.
    Are you fine with 6pm BST (12 noon EST)?
    Any Pokémon is fine.
    FC is in my sig.

    Btw, what's your timezone?
    We're gonna need eachother's timezones to agree on when the trade will take place.
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