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  • Sophomore year was one of the worst years of my life... Ugh.

    Shooters, I love them. And mind you, there are plenty of shooters with stories. Halo, Metro (which started as a book series), S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Fallout (3 and New Vegas), the Ghost Recon series, the Rainbow Six series, and so forth. What really bothers me is that people say "the story isn't elaborate" when it's actually realistic. Does it have to be elaborate if the story is something that could or did happen in real life? WWII shooters didn't have a real story other than the tale of the soldier you played and their squad, which is interesting enough. Not to mention that stories aren't everything. Gameplay is critical as well. It doesn't matter if the story's awesome if the game isn't fun to play. And I love it when they're open-world and, as mentioned before, mixed with other genres like RPG, horror, survival, and so on.

    Music, how I love music. And I really find it funny that people think of Screamo when they think Metal. The thing is, Screamo is only a subgenre of Metal, and doesn't define Metal at all if you ask me. Look at the band Tool, they're Progressive Metal. You probably wouldn't classify them that if you didn't know that. Chevelle is Alternative Metal, but most people would call them Rock. I'm not a Country guy either, bu I make the exception for Johnny Cash. You can't dislike Johnny Cash. As for my genres, I'd rather speak in bands. Genres basically don't tell enough. Take the "band" (it only has one real member) Nine Inch Nails. One album is Dance/Rock, the next is Metal/Rock, the next is Industrial Rock, his next is Industrial Rock, the next is made of somber piano and acoustic guitars, the next is Rock, and then the next couple are Electronic/Rock. Anyway, bands I like are Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Chevelle, Rise Against, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, and a couple others.
    D&D, that's something I've considered but never tried. College? That's cool. I just finished my Sophomore year in high school. It was quite hellish. I love all sorts of video games. My favorites being shooters. I especially like it when you mix it with other genres.

    About me, let me think. Well, I like music, and like to sing. I also like to draw and paint. Oh, and guns. I'm a huge gun nut.
    Not to criticize you or anything, but did you not think that moldable explosives would sell for much? XD
    Ah, alright. I find it kind of funny how despite not being a veteran, Magpie's the most experienced around. I guess it just goes to show the mortality rate of Scavs, namely rookie ones.

    Why exactly is James headed to Goldenrod, anyway?
    Goldenrod would be along the way. So I'm sure if James wanted to tag along, he would let him. Another gun on your side is always nice.
    I don't think Magpie will travel to Violet with Melody. I have a feeling that my friend Bru will have her go somewhere else. Not to mention that Magpie might skip the routes and go straight for Azalea.
    It's fine.

    Anyway, I'm already interacting with another character. Perhaps ours can travel to Violet together?
    Question, is your character still in Cherrygrove? Mine is headed there, and I thought this May be an opportunity to get some more interaction with a character.
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