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Recent content by Treemander

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    My Photoshop/ImageReady Animations and Pics

    Very nice, may I suggest having a small pkmn battle animation :p
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    Freakish Coincedences.

    yea i got that to one of mine would probably be opening a door for an old couple at Olive garden, they tipped me and said this place has good service i was like uh cool?
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    4th Gen graphics: can you see any improvment?

    The more types of engines coming out, the better graphics can get... Unreal 3 engine Crytek etc..
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    The "I laugh at you" game: V3: LULZ.

    i laugh at you cause i'll read it tommorow D;'
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    The "I laugh at you" game: V3: LULZ.

    :P i was doing that on purpose :D I laugh at you cause you can't make me muhahahah
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    Caption The Avatar Above You {v.02}

    Im nice and tasty.
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    The "I laugh at you" game: V3: LULZ.

    i laugh at you because of liam
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    The "I laugh at you" game: V3: LULZ.

    i laugh at you cause your a beginner :D
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    Computer Programmer's Club

    I wanna be a learner for C++ i have little experience with scripting for games with notepad+ but thats it... and im taking college courses in my junior year for that.
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    What is your favorite fire starter?

    The title kinda makes me think you mean there first evo, but Typhlosion ftw.
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    Give the above two posters a shipping name

    Lenardo Devenchi shipping
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    Scenario: You're planning a bank heist

    Rotom- To mess with the electricty and stop the security cameras from recording the break-in and get the codes. Then active the fire drill to get everyone out while I wait in the bathroom before this even occurs. plan it out on a 2-3 day basis, see what/where everything is, that is allowed to be...
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    Bionicle: Bionicle Battle Arena

    Name: Reven "Rice" sorkin Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Kind, always ready to help someone in need that doesn't want to hurt him. Kind of paitent but doesnt want things to take TO long. is ready to take anyone on, and is easy to get along with. Unless his oppnent is really evil, he could...
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    This fan-fic is based off types of way places can be invaded, even if its fantasy or reality. What I’m going to try and do is make it 6-10 chapters per book depending on the story, 1 way of being invaded per book. And have a bio set up for the main character of each story. Bio: Name: Rice...
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    I spy

    How about milotic