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  • If rock pool is too overused (and I suspect it is) I'll go to Cinder Village to heal my memory or Research Lab to revive my Cranidos fossil. Probably the latter. Will edit when not drunk so tomorrow or Friday. Maybe Saturday.
    Your sentence makes me scared Treep. I am afraid you are going to say something like "durhur that's not how you update."

    I know you won't, but the irrational part of my mind suggests otherwise. Also, another Rock Pooler. >.< Have to think of some cool adventure! You don't even get in easy!
    Hey, its probably obvious but I haven't had the chance to make the changes to the update as I promised, so don't bother updating me till then.
    Ah, didn't know he did that ^^; Thank him on my behalf next time he contacts you again ^^

    Your plan sounds good to me! I will gladly wait for it :) But please pm/post me whenever you start it, in case that I don't see your update with mine in it ^^;

    For now I'll just remove the adventure's cancelled status :)
    Hello there! :)

    I was wondering that since you are taking those who had an adventure with Takkupanda, if you can take mine even though cancelled it ^^;

    You see, the way it was going back then seemed like there was not going to have any new updaters and those that were already there were full, so I didn't see the point even though it was painful for me to do that (as I like temple-based adventures and it was my only one at the time).

    However, if you feel that your group is full, I don't mind at all being not accepted and keep my adventure cancelled, as I have plenty of adventures currently running and will definitely getting my first capture in one of them :)
    I'm sorry to say it wasn't, although now that you mention it, it would have been pretty cool if it had been. Unfortunately, it was just late night tired writing whatever popped into my head stuff.
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