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  • I hope you wouldn't mind even more Romantic confusion in the form of Eli. Whether you wish to make it one sided or not is your choice. I just feel it could add an entirely new element to the Rivalry and the tensions the 4 characters have.
    Ooh, I could try that! Normally I use internet radio already =)

    Yep, I love listening to Boycott's commentary, he's such a grumpy northerner but at least he focuses on cricket instead of getting stupidly off-topic xD
    That's the terrible thing - Rupert Murdoch's Sky bought all of the rights to show any cricket in the UK, and I only have the four standard channels =(

    I'll listen to it on the radio instead ^^

    Ooh, you have tickets? I'm envious! Lucky English people who can afford to go to Australia to keep up with the cricket =(

    *No one cares for-?!* >>explosion<<

    Nah just kidding, I'm surprised it got onto main news too. I like him 'cause he's incredibly like my brother, in both appearance and character xD ...(believe me, my brother would get drunk and then nearly drown falling off a pedalo, no mistake xD; )

    What about the next Ashes series; do they care about that? ;D
    He retired from International Cricket, aye, but he was still hanging in there with some hope for county cricket...

    Okay, no snakes. I live in the country, sorta.

    Watching the news; Flintoff is retiring completely :( and the Pope is going around Britain in a Popemobile. Ehehe...

    Ah, so from sporting experience you know about thorns/nettles/snakes etc.? Probably handy that. I played rugby once and fell in a flowerbed. I think that's the only time sports and flora have mixed for me :p

    Hilderbrand Rarity? I've never heard of that o.o

    Hmm, no cedars or oak trees or anything gnarled and ancient then. I say silver-birch, they're not old not young but have cool colours. I don't know how this helps; I think these are all North Hemisphere Trees anyhow...
    Ah okay. Was the title ironic or was it because he needed that 'license to kill'?

    Hehe, yep! What sort of plants? Grass? Because they do get stepped on quite a lot of the time

    Oh! What film was the revenge trip in? =o

    You seem to have charisma :) Ehh, newbies learn eventually not to be newbies, so there's a happy ending! xD

    From my experience of Bond films, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the former works o.o And Bond's a man of his job, even if he goes about it in his own 'special way', I don't see him quitting. Otherwise the people who make their money from James Bond films would go out of business xD

    Yeah, them people are everywhere....at least if they're really mean they get infracted, or something *thumbs up*

    Who, Bond's girls? Do they sometimes just disappear? He doesn't sound very attentive.

    Hehe, but the forum is the obvious place to stalk people legally and write stupid things without fears of serious reprisals xD

    Ah okay :p Would you be up for the whole 'travelling around the world shooting people left right and centre' thing? And also James Bond's girlfriends all either die or turn out to be evil. Bit of a burden thar. Even Jaws gets a girl xD

    Creepy like, "follow you about" creepy or "write weird things" creepy or what? Because writing weird things within the manageable realms of weirdness is kooky; that I like :p

    Hmm, what about....Judy Dench of MI5 always being on your coat-tails?

    But newbies are important in a forum society, they give the non-newbies an increased sense of belonging and knowledgability ;D

    I think I've written more on Serebii in the last two days than I have on my essay. Thank goodness the essay's done, pretty much :)
    I dunno, James Bond has a lot of near-death experiences...I think all those bullets under the skin could get a bit annoying after a while.

    Indeed! Her answer was as well-matched as a set of matching cups and saucers though, I have to say. :)

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