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  • Melbourne sounds good. I want to move there. Or anywhere non-English. But as it happens, I'm moving somewhere else in England tomorrow to start a job, a real one. I'm not ready for the real world *grabs on to the carpet as if intending to stay in that spot forever*

    Brett Lee should have gone on and on and on and on.... or at least long enough to lose in the Ashes again while I watch on ;)
    I'm stalking you....

    Okay in Tokyo. Considering where i was before, I am relatively stalking you.

    So brett lee has retired and i never got to see him bowl a single ball. X.x
    I'm awesomely well. Just booked a trip to Amsterdam with 10 university friends, the trip ought to be fabulous. But I'm in the red on my bank balance for the first time in 4 years (until I'm paid back), which is a bit scary.

    How's Melbourne being? I hope to see th Australia v England ODI in Edgbaston, Birmingham tomorrow. But the weather's looking ominous.
    Hi Tatiana! Sorry I took a long time to reply. I'm totally a graduate now. No more university for me, and this makes be sad.

    How's all by you?
    Tell me about, halfway through my final university exams. Still another 40% of my final university grade to be decided in the next 4 days x.x
    ... So you could've just said "Anything goes, I'll tell you if you screw up" to avoid lots of unnecessary confusion, man 8P
    I had a tactic in mind with those moves 8> If it's more like the anime than the games, anyway.

    Thunderpunch...? Wait, when you said "any 5 moves before it evolves", did... you mean it can have any five moves it can learn ever (long as it isn't, like, Hydro Pump), or five moves from the ones it learns before it evolves in the games (attacks it learns before level 16)? 'Cause, see, I thought it was the latter, and that's why I wanted to give him eggmoves to compensate. If it's the former, I'm going to give him a biiiit stronger attacks then.
    Would we be allowed any egg moves? I was wondering if his Squirtle could have Mist, Aqua Jet and Yawn as egg moves. Would that be too powerful? Aqua ring does only have the same power as Water gun, and the other two aren't even damaging moves, so...?
    Updated. Diego is now at Pewter with Pikachu, Mankey and Metapod. Yes, his Pokemon's power increases when his hamminess does, though there are backlashes to that. Also, I think Diego will have an easier time with Brock than most would suspect.

    Go ahead, ask.
    Yeah, I know what that is like. Diego is going to be useful because of his Move Tutor knowledge. As you saw, Mankey is inspired to learn Thunderpunch.
    Hmm, one more question, then. Do our Pokémon only know the attacks they would at their level (tackle, growl, etc.), every move they can learn, or something in between? I assumed they only knew the moves they would on their level, but if that was the case there'd be no way to use any proper tactics apart from "evade and Tackle", repeated to infinity since rock = sturdy. So...?
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