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  • Alright, thanks. Though how in the world are some of us going to beat the Graveler? Most of us only have two Pokémon, too.
    Well with Diego, all he needs to do is capture a Caterpie, evolve it into Metapod and later Butterfree. I can have him do the capture and if needed an elaborate and possibly funny training montage.
    A'ight, I guess that helps with getting it done faster, though in a way it's too bad, always fun to battle against player controlled characters in rps. But I get that it would be real time consuming here, so heh.
    Hmm, alright, but then it's going to be a long one 8P He needs to catch that Pikachu and train his Squirtle, though the latter I can always skip. Oh, how will we handle Gym Battles, will you control the Gym Leader for us, or...?
    Yup, I'm still planning to continue. It's just what I've been busy as well, and usually the RPGs where I'm needed to respond to another player (as in, I'm interacting with someone) take priority. But I'll post next week, there's another RP I promised to post in during the weekend, and today and Monday are really busy for me.

    Long story short, still interested, will post next week 8D
    Yes, actually. >.< Still trying to figure out how to introduce the roll of illegally-obtained money her former gang leader gave her. >.< It's supposed to be hidden in her skirt waistband. Still also trying to figure out whether she should get caught or not. XD
    Um not sure, possibly. Anyway, Diego will have a few extra pokemon, as in those he can call from storage. Right now, the list has Butterfree, Snorlax and Pidgetteo
    Heya, tree. In Kanto, the Horsea was already inside his Pokéball, James wasn't with the group (yet, at least) and they weren't exactly blocking the Mart's entrance, at least as far as I know... Do you want me to just ignore those parts? Or do you want to edit, or...?

    EDIT: Ah, never mind I guess, since FM already replied to it as it was. Guess I'll just try to roll with it.

    Oh, and um... I just want to make sure; Emil would be allowed to catch a Pikachu for temporary use, right? As long as it isn't part of his final team (since it's already Diego's starter)? And another question, if you aren't getting tired of me yet: What attacks would our starters know and how would they learn new ones? Do they come by level (like in the games), is it assumed Pokémon know almost all of their attacks from the start (like in the anime), or what? I kind of need to know before I have him go around catching Pokémon 8D
    Okay, I've had enough of this. Thanks to DVB, now *Jean Grey* thinks that my character is on drugs and that she should be put in a mental institude. I'd appreciate it if you gave them a warning - I am very offended by this (yeah, I'm sensitive, got a problem with that?), and I expect you to do something about it, since obviously I can't do anything about it.
    Can you please tell DVB to stop insulting my character? It is very, very annoying, and I don't want absolutely everyone in the RP to end up hating my character, which I think he's trying to do, judging on our pretty bad relationship with each other.

    Please, tell him to stop.
    Flame Mistress plans to try and get me to kowtow with her demand by, as she put it, telling on you.
    Well, read the messages she has sent me in regards to it. They are Visitor messages so just scroll down and read to understand what I mean. Hope you're well
    Well, FlameMistress is pissed at me at how my character is acting because of her character did. She is saying she will 'drag' you into this. Now, she is upset because she is saying my char is trying to persuade everyone else to hate hers. Now, this is obviously not the case. He is simply informing them of his experiences. I mean, she freaked out at him trying to be nice, he saw her flip out at an aide for not getting what she wanted and now she did a hit and run on him. I mean, the Bubblebeam could have done more damage as well as ruin his money and it is lucky he has spare changes of clothes. Now, she is wanting to tell you so she could have her way or something, so I gotta know what should I do. I mean, my character is reacting the way he would, so I am at a loss.
    Ha ha, well it will be challenging, and spaced out. All I can say he will get Charmander before fighting Erika, Bulbasaur between Cerulean and Vermillion and Wartortle in Saffron.
    No. At most Diego will get Wartortle instead of Squirtle, though because of their level, they would evolve by their next battle or the one after that. Hope that works out
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