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  • The point being that you unvaryingly lump everybody who dislikes the short stack state of new Pokemon, with everybody who was overtly praising Mega evolutions, and lol'ing that point home. I was appalled. I have 649 pokemon, so I only need about 70 to complete my dex? I'm not impressed.. I got a genuine qualm with this, which has nothing to do with Mega Evolutions, which I don't even like in concept (outside of Gengar). Your shout out was just very rude. Hope you understand.

    If you phrased it as: "To everybody who was getting crazy riled up about Mega Evolutions, you probably never thought of it having an effect on how many new ones you're going to get, and now you're all whining! Enter Nelson Laugh and Tough Luck!" - Then I wouldn't feel associated with your comment.
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