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  • Hey Trickster! Not sure if you will see this, but if you do, I want you to know that I miss you...
    Oh my god bro I decided to check this after like 4 years. It’s absolutely crazy, this bringing back so many memories I’m reading all of the convos and laughing. So how’ve you been ?
    I've been fine, just busy with school and for a time not having internet. Sorry about the super late response though, I just rarely use this site anymore.
    Nee, ik ben ook niet actief meer hier. De enige reden waarom ik hier ben was omdat een vriend van mij randomly op mijn profiel kwam en zij dat iemand mij een bericht had gestuurt (ookal ben ik hier niet eens meer maar oh well hier ben ik). Ik ga weer hierna.

    Anyway, als je dit somehow leest dan hoop ik dat het goed gaat met je man. Hopelijk gaat ICT goed.
    Ik heb mijn ding weer verandert. Ik zit mij nu te focusen op game development. Ik weet niet of ik het weer ga veranderen, maar game development was altijd al een soort hobby van mij en het is het leukste wat ze hebben op school tbh.

    Again, hoop dat het goed met je gaat gast. Ik zie je misschien wel weer een keer.
    En als we elkaar niet meer zien: hoop dat je een goede toekomst voor je hebt gast. Het was echt chill met je vrienden te zijn.
    Thanks! I went through hell just to get the hearts for it.

    I make private RP servers with all my RPers. I don't have that many active people so I'm pretty lonely these days...

    I expect me!!!! Cuz I love Skype! I have one friend on there who I have so much fun RPing with.

    Now...I'm bored as hell still...I still play Minecraft these days. I always seem to find some renowned love for it...and Microsoft has done us MC players some real good! Multi cross-platform compatibly!!!
    I see.

    And I just got the master sword on Breath of the Wild! Yes it is the first game I chose to get!

    I see Discord to be much more than just game chatting. I RP there. Besides...and instant messenger is an instant messenger. Besides. I game as well!!! Just don't do game server chats. Too much of a hassle and pain. But it is still used!

    Inactive Skype? Why?
    Oh? Aww...well...do you think Serebii is dead?

    So much has happened with members and activity of members and members' lives. Like I jut a switch a week ago. December 1st! And I got this and that and...

    Anyways...do you have a place of contact that would be better? Like Skype or Discord? Or Telegram?
    okay hold up i'll send some to you
    it might take a while on acount of not knowing your mailing address but im sure it will eventually make it to you
    just give it a few months...
    a year ...
    (Hey trickster! Sorry I haven't replied yet. That last reply just blew me away...as in...I had no idea you can do that with the Elytra. The fireworks thing I mean. And I know you aren't that active on here...I try to be active. But this time I just got lazy to getting to you. Again, I apologize greatly for the delayed response. If you're more active somewhere else, I can certainly try that. I've been leaning towards IMs a lot these days. Discord being my main hangout as of recently. I still use Skype and stuff if that works best for you.

    I hope too aren't mad...I'm a terrible person...but that doesn't mean I'm not loyal. Woof!)
    Well it is your fault you never check all places for b-day greetings on that day...

    But it was assault without a weapon!

    Yes really, but you can always try to make it sound like it is not.
    Espurrs stare into your soul. That they do.

    Yeah, Nintendo can now slap new paintjobs on dynasty warriors and a make like a million bucks every time.

    No place is safe, sheesh the weirdos are upon us.
    I also seemed to have befriended someone who draws rule 34, but if he posts any of that on steam I'll definitely report it regardless who posts it.
    Fine then! *Uses that bleach to wash your shroomy forest*

    Hey, I went into space and found some space foxes, and some space fairies, I think you should talk them into destroying the space fairies.
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