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Trickster Zorua
Last Activity:
Apr 28, 2019
May 7, 2011
Likes Received:
April 19
Lostlorn Forest
Still learning

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Trickster Zorua

AMUSING STARTER FTW, from Lostlorn Forest

Trickster Zorua was last seen:
Apr 28, 2019
    1. MegaMaster#1
      I'm sort of inactive here,I'll come back when my girlfriend comes back here.
    2. dirkac
      Leuk, ben zelf nauwelijks in Luxemburg geweest ;o
      Nog wat gedaan daar?

      Ik zit nu weer terug in Indonesie ._.
    3. spyrois2cool
      Poochy: *giggles, quickly running off*
    4. DiaRubyTandem
      Cause its real!

      *empire song plays*
    5. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Yes, obviously!

      Yes you do.

      Too bad... *Sails the pirate seas*
      However I have my honor and I will help out indie devs, but not giant corporate bloodsuckers!

      I know a cutesy song I'd like to share...

      Actually the original was warnings flashing
      ...with an accompanying warning sound.
      If you do not know where this comes from then you have not yet experienced the feeling of true terror and futility.

      Only on full moons.
    6. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Yay, you admit it.

      YES. YOU. DO!

      Well we settled that at least, and that I'm not giving money to the bloodsuckers.



    7. spyrois2cool

      Poochy: yup! *licks your face*
    8. Cresselia92
      Totodile: *shrugs at the Beedrill* Be my guest. Feel free to fantasize all you want, but now we shall claim victory! *spats a stream of water toward the Beedrill, knocking it toward a wall* Hey! Are you ok, kiddo?
      Gack! *shakes wildly her head* How dare you!
      Snivy: You know, you have started to be quite annoying... *produces two vines from his neck, before swinging them at the Diglett*

      Bach: Squeako? (And are all of them male?)


      Sammy: Yay all the way!
      Amanda: I would say yay... but can you hold all of us on your back, Cindy?
      Eleanor: This is fine. However, don't we have some hammerspace bag or something like this?
      Dereck: *jumps after his wife, before starting checking around the place, looking for useful items and devices*

      Magikoopa 1: Patience, kid. This spell is very complex.
      Magikoopa 2: Shouldn't take too long, though. The ingredients are mixing nicely...
      Alucard: Hm? *drops to the ground, before grunting a bit* Hmph... do you think this will be enough? *transforms into a bat, before flying toward Wheatley, after which he starts bombarding the latter with fireballs*
      Yuka: You... argh, aren't much better, twerp... *grunts a bit, while trying to drag himself toward the staff*

      Walter: This is what I hope as well. Now... *takes out a little Swiss army knife-like device, before starting to cut the string and tie it back together*
      Director: ...Urgh... w-where...?
      Aika: Welcome back to the conscious world, Director. Are you alright?
      Director: ...More or less. However, could you tell me what is happening?
    9. DiaRubyTandem
      I am your father
    10. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
    11. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Want a screenshot?

      You lose!


      How good is good enough?

      That's worse than not playing it. OUT! *Points at the exit*

      They're rarer, much rarer, but whatever, you show up once in a full moon!
    12. Wishmaker Latias
      Wishmaker Latias
      Yeah right, I'm the one to know better...

      Yes you are, actually! :P
      YES OR NO!..

      But does it have pirate hats now?
      It did have a pirate translation...

      PROVE IT!
      How's this?
      Maybe you can add it into one of your potions.

      *Has not played portal*

      Not my fault that you come here once in a blue moon...
    13. DiaRubyTandem
      Im not a liar XP

      You're the cheaterrrrrr mehehe
    14. Shayminslicker
      I'm not a fan of destiny either. I picked it up expecting something different and I was disappointed with what I got.

      Hey same here! I'm not the only one x3.
    15. MegaMaster#1
      I'm great,just nearly visiting here cuz I'm really busy.
    16. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      [I totally wanna play AC with you, but I need to download it...

      Also hi!]
    17. Goggled Petilil
      Goggled Petilil
      Meer dan ik. Weet je wat ik doe:
    18. spyrois2cool
      (I see.)

      Poochy: at the Docks
    19. mew661
      wait such what?
      im so confused
      i need to sit down
    20. Cresselia92
      Totodile: Your... territory? *scratches his head* Uh... are you aware of the fact that this is a simple training dungeon? *stares at the Zorua attacking* My, such energy!
      ...So, did he go away? *looks around*
      Snivy: It seems so, but we'd better go away, just to be sure.
      Yeah... *starts walking away, followed by the Snivy and the Pikachu*

      Bach: Squek squih? (And what are those white animals with horns and beards?)


      Amanda: Ah, this is the right spirit! Now, to find that crazy comp- *suddenly stops, motioning to the others to stop as well* Hold on everybody... *points toward the battlefield, where there are still Bowser's and Porky's armies fighting each other* Things are kinda messy here...
      Sammy: Wait, do we have to go through all that madness?!
      Amanda: I'm afraid so. If all, we have to see how to plow through...
      Eleanor: *looks at Farhad, before looking at Kathrina* Oh, I will surely help as best as I can.
      Dereck: *nods* Yes, me too.

      Magikoopa 1: Alright, alright! Are you ready, colleague?
      Magikoopa 2: Always ready! *rolls up his sleeves, before starting waving his wand*
      *Both Magikoopas start chanting something mysterious, causing the ingredients to start mixing together, slowly forming the shape of a bottle.*
      Alucard: Indeed... *channels energy in his hand* It's your end, Wheatley...
      Yuga: Uuurk... *spreads out on the floor, having become an incoherent stain of paint due to the overflown energy*

      Walter: Hmm... *blinks, before focusing all his attention on something* I think I have found the corrupted string. I will try to fix it now.
      Aika: Is there some way in which I can help?
      Walter: Yes. Can you use some heat ray on the Director as well? That should speed things up.
      Aika: Alright! *walks toward Hazel, before firing a laser from her eyes, causing after a while the Director to fidget a bit*
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  • About

    April 19
    Lostlorn Forest
    Still learning
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    4382 2023 3008
    So, I finally updated my biography after serveral months (perhaps a year?).
    I was too lazy to actually update it for a long while, but now, that'll change, as I'm back (at this very moment.)

    Before I talk about this bio: Yes I've sort of changed by being less hyper, so let's hope you'll all be happy with that change.

    Let's start talking about myself, shall we?
    I've been quite a long time on Serebii (5 years, woo), and as you all can assume, I still like Pokémon to this very date. Not just Pokémon, but also Nintendo, Steam and Xbox. I'm a casual gamer as I don't hunt for achievements or progression (persay), I just enjoy video games in my own way and pace.
    My return is thanks to someone else returning actually, and as I complained this place is boring as many good friends left this place, I'm going to try to enjoy Serebii Forums again like in the past, only less dedicated of course.

    So, instead of a long story to bore you with, here's a list with facts you might wanna know about me:

    I'm not English myself (Dutchman here), so don't point out those English mistakes. Sure, you can at some occasions, but please, for Pete's sake, don't do it constantly, at every mistake. It bugs me a lot.
    I like and play video games of course, don't mind discussing about them at anytime. :)
    I got all the Nintendo consoles (not all handhelds sadly), but might not make the release of the Nintendo Switch, which I'm hyped about by the way.
    I like Role Playing (No Vore for me, I find that, personally, just disgusting.). Just ask me and we can start immediatley, if it's not too boring, haha! However, if you (suddenly) don't want to anymore, just tell me why. It really annoys me when people suddenly quit and or lie about their reasons or just don't tell them. If you give me those reasons, and if it's related to me, I could try to learn from them.
    I'm mostly available, just VM me and I'll take a look two or three times a day (can be more or less, it depends).
    And have a nice day yourself, like I'll hopefully have. :)

    Video games like always


    FB Profile~
    3DS FC: 4382 2023 3008
    Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Code: 6400 2207 2907
    Banner made by Sworn Metalhead!​