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Trickster Zorua
Last Activity:
Apr 28, 2019
May 7, 2011
Likes Received:
April 19
Lostlorn Forest
Still learning

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Trickster Zorua

AMUSING STARTER FTW, from Lostlorn Forest

Trickster Zorua was last seen:
Apr 28, 2019
    1. SuperPichu
      Z: *uses Focus Blast* D:< Shadow: STOP FIGHTING!!! DX<
      Starlight: I do love you! But I'm going home! D:<
    2. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      ???: Bye! Sol: That was out of order! We're not supposed to bully our customers! Logan: Don't you think you're coming on a bit hard, Sol?
    3. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon

      It is...

    4. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      ...annoyance... ....*disappears*


    5. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      ???: It's okay, you're not as bad as the other sales people. Oooh! This berry juice is really nice! Sol: Zorua, I want a word with you.
    6. SuperPichu
      Z: You eyes are not open! And it's NOT Shadow's faulteither! D:< *uses Night Slash on you, critical hit* Shadow: Please... stop fighting...
      Starlight: Listen carefully. I! Don't! Care! D:<
    7. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      ..............I dislike talking to others. A LOT sometimes.... I especially hate some of he people who love me for who I am.

    8. SuperPichu
      Starlight: Me too... But don't you think it was a bit harsh to run away? Shadow will be in so much trouble and it's all our fault! ;~; Why did you run away?! I only followed you to see where you were going! I'm going home now! And if you don't come with then we're over! So are you coming or not?
      Shadow: I was gonna tell you before but they forced me not too! I didn't want to lie to you and say I couldn't find them, but they made me! ;~;
      Z: Stop being so harsh! It's not Shadow's fault it's theirs! She was trying to do the right thing by telling us the truth! Open your eyes! D:<
    9. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon

    10. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon

      ....it says click us, click on her.
    11. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      ???: Okay okay, I'll buy a glass of berry juice.
    12. White_Roar~
      Hey Zorua, would you like to have a RP Battle? :D

      NOT A RP!!!
    13. SuperPichu
      Starlight: Me too... ;~;
      Shadow: I didn't know they'd run away! They keep taunting me saying I was too scared tell you when I was trying to keep them together coz they asked me too! Z: I know it's sad but you can't be mad at Shadow, she didn't know they'd run away.
    14. Shiny_Wooper
      sure :D *hug*
    15. TeamRocketGrunt
    16. SoulDaze
      Shadow: He sure does.
      Pikachu: R.O.B acts weird...?
      Falco and Falcon: Zzzzz........zzzzzzzzzz..........zzzz *sleeping*
    17. Toyosatomimi no Miko
      Toyosatomimi no Miko
      Run Run Run Run Run
    18. Dawn and Piplup
      Dawn and Piplup
      Mei: Oshawott didn't throw his pokeball.. I lost it ages ago.. how can it end up here?
    19. Toxic Nightshade
      Toxic Nightshade
      Ledian: well then, no elixir for me... later losers... *flies off*
    20. FrozenConstellation
      wth Zorua...*facepalms*

      *licks* xD
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  • About

    April 19
    Lostlorn Forest
    Still learning
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    4382 2023 3008
    So, I finally updated my biography after serveral months (perhaps a year?).
    I was too lazy to actually update it for a long while, but now, that'll change, as I'm back (at this very moment.)

    Before I talk about this bio: Yes I've sort of changed by being less hyper, so let's hope you'll all be happy with that change.

    Let's start talking about myself, shall we?
    I've been quite a long time on Serebii (5 years, woo), and as you all can assume, I still like Pokémon to this very date. Not just Pokémon, but also Nintendo, Steam and Xbox. I'm a casual gamer as I don't hunt for achievements or progression (persay), I just enjoy video games in my own way and pace.
    My return is thanks to someone else returning actually, and as I complained this place is boring as many good friends left this place, I'm going to try to enjoy Serebii Forums again like in the past, only less dedicated of course.

    So, instead of a long story to bore you with, here's a list with facts you might wanna know about me:

    I'm not English myself (Dutchman here), so don't point out those English mistakes. Sure, you can at some occasions, but please, for Pete's sake, don't do it constantly, at every mistake. It bugs me a lot.
    I like and play video games of course, don't mind discussing about them at anytime. :)
    I got all the Nintendo consoles (not all handhelds sadly), but might not make the release of the Nintendo Switch, which I'm hyped about by the way.
    I like Role Playing (No Vore for me, I find that, personally, just disgusting.). Just ask me and we can start immediatley, if it's not too boring, haha! However, if you (suddenly) don't want to anymore, just tell me why. It really annoys me when people suddenly quit and or lie about their reasons or just don't tell them. If you give me those reasons, and if it's related to me, I could try to learn from them.
    I'm mostly available, just VM me and I'll take a look two or three times a day (can be more or less, it depends).
    And have a nice day yourself, like I'll hopefully have. :)

    Video games like always


    FB Profile~
    3DS FC: 4382 2023 3008
    Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Code: 6400 2207 2907
    Banner made by Sworn Metalhead!​