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  • Latias flys in to a clearing where Latios is. Latios: Who are these ones, Latias? Latias: They have come to find out about Hoopa. Guys, what do you want to ask?

    Aw :/
    ... *frowns* Coward... *turns toward the combatants* Go find the treasure alone, if you wish, but I'm gonna help them... *rushes into the battle*
    Totodile: Hey! Leave him alone! *slams against the Scizor with an Aqua Jet, making it stagger back*
    Snivy: ...He's tough...
    But he's a bug, and bugs... don't really like fire, do they? *breathes an Ember at the Scizor*

    Mecha-Drago: *stares intently at the assistant* ...


    Sammy: Well, we have finished here, so... let's go!
    Amanda: Yeah... let's pay the bill and go get them!
    Comet Sword: ...Shield Breaker... *starts spinning on itself, before cutting through the Shadow Hands effortlessly with the power of its Berserk*

    Aika: ... *turns to the house, before sighing* ...Sorry... *raises her hand, before snapping her fingers* I can't ignore my instinct...
    *The dimension starts to dissolve, while everything slowly returns to the Dimension between Dimension, except for the spot where Aika is standing.*
    Aika: ... *starts heading toward the portal*

    Yuga: Fine... what game should be play first? Poker? Blackjack? Solitaire?
    //If you want to talk more often, just add me on Facebook! It's [Elise Moon on Facebook] Serebii isn't working for me, simply because it's not the place I go to sort6 ofsome of the problems that I often have. :/
    ...So we have to abandon our new friends?
    Snivy: There is a thing called redemption.
    Totodile: Yeah! If you admit to have been wrong, they'll be less severe with you.

    Mecha-Drago: *shows a pleased grin, before trying to clap his hands* ...Rowr... :c


    Sammy: ...Berserk?
    Amanda: ... *focuses on the aura of her sword* ...I think... I can sense it...
    Comet Sword: My sense of justice... is stronger that any spell... *flares more brightly* And you... will pay... for hurting an innocent... *starts glowing with a fierce light, while its blade becomes sharper* You will regret this... *uses an Octa Sword, before firing the eight red swords toward the Dark Matter Staff*

    Aika: ... *walks slowly toward the portal, appearing hesitant* Can't I just open a portal personally?

    Yuga: Nah, we need their energy to rule the world. If they will be missing, the world will fall apart.
    And let some thieves go?
    Totodile: *stands in front of Snivy to take the hit* Urgh!
    Snivy: Then turn yourself in. Otherwise, we'll be forced to beat you and contact Magnezone to take you away.
    Totodile: Eh... and then we'll see if you'll manage to escape from his Magnet Pull.

    Mecha-Drago: *looks at the work being done with a curious stare* Rowr? :eek:


    Sammy: Can't you try to locate them with your magic?
    Amanda: Oh, yeah! Maybe that could work.
    NPC: Aah! P-Please, stop! *starts shaking in terror* I-I have a wife and children!
    Comet Sword: ...Enough! *flashes red, managing to override the Time Freezing spell with its Berserk and to blow the Dark Matter Staff away, before looking at the NPC* ...Leave...
    NPC: *stops shaking momentarily, before running away*
    Comet Sword: Now... *turns threateningly to the staff* You've gone... too far...

    Aika: ...Fine. If you see the dimension shaking... *points toward a white swirl* Jump there. It will make you return outside. *turns to the door* ...Alright. *opens the door* So, what do you want?

    Yuga: Well, gambling is an art and a risk. We could definitely do a bit of that. But cards... hmm... maybe I can create some with my magic. *lifts some papers, before transforming them into cards*
    (Hi, i'm sorry i've been inactive a lot. If you want to see why just check my profile VM. Somewhere in there my huge inactive post is there)
    See what?
    Snivy: Ah! *uses Aqua Tail to stop the False Swipe*
    Totodile: *shoots a Water Gun at the Scizor*

    Mecha-Drago: *shows a happy grin* Rooor! :D
    Bach: Squeak! :3


    Amanda: ...Yeah. I wonder where they are...
    Sammy: No idea. Hopefully they'll return soon.
    NPC: *appears shocked, keeping his arms in front of him* Aah!
    Comet Sword: Whaaat? Aaare yooou... goooing tooo huuurt hiiim?

    Aika: ...Fine, give me a minute. *looks at Hazel and speaks to her only* No, it isn't safe. What if that's just a trap? Then... you may end up imprisoned here! And I can't allow that!

    Yuga: ...Nothing in particular. I think... I like to spread terror in the hearts of others. And I like poker. I often go to a bar in the Mario World that is really great. There is also a certain... green man who serves the cards. A quite cowardly man, though.
    ...Well... *starts yelling at Snivy* Get down, Snivy!
    Snivy: *winces after being struck by the Bug Buzz, but manages to kneel down*
    Take that! *uses an Ember toward Scizor*
    Totodile: Yikes! *jumps to the floor to avoid the flames*

    Bach: *shows a pleased look* Squeak! :3


    Amanda: Let's focus on one thing at a time, shall we?
    Sammy: ...We shall. *eats a bit of steak*
    Comet Sword: Dooon't... waaant tooo huuurty... withooout reaaason...

    Aika: ...Finish him? Wouldn't it be better to deactivate it, in order to prevent glitches and bugs? And... how come you aren't bad about seeing Hazel here? *looks at Hazel with a serious, sending a telepathic message to her* It would be better if I teleported you back to the others. I have a bad feeling.

    Yuga: Precisely. But enough with that. Let's enjoy this amazing food.
    Common sense? And say, what exactly would we be unable to do?
    Snivy: Urgh!
    Totodile: Nggh... tough fella, uh? *uses an Aqua Jet toward the Scizor*

    Bach: Squeak? *points to a ladder*


    Sammy: Reeeally? Well, I doubt so.
    Amanda: Um... can't you just enjoy your lunch?
    Sammy: Oh, sorry sis.

    Aika: ...First tell me about what. I don't really like to let others bother me for irrelevancies or assumed urgencies.

    Yuga: Don't underestimate the great king Ganon. He's powerful and has conquered his world multiple times and for various years. Unlike that joke villain, Bowser...
    They said they always wanted Zorua soup though...

    There is!
    *Shows you security cam footage*

    *Gets rid of the trenchcoat and turns out to be a duo of Jirachi in disguise*
    Smell ya later Goldilocks!
    *They vanish*

    *Ducks making you crash into a pile of goo and slip before flying out of the window*
    It says it has a family and they haven't ate in weeks...

    *Shows proof*
    *Stays silent*

    So I am, planes are cool!
    *Throws a blonde wig at you*

    *Changes cartridge and shoots at your feet*
    I don't think that's her, this one shows interest in cooking you in a pot of tamato berry sauce...

    Yeah, they're laughing their butts off on Venus...
    The leaker has left this dimension.
    And the info is so true...

    YES, YES, YES.
    Goldilocks, Goldilocks, Goldilocks!

    *Takes a goo rifle and shoots you*
    I don't know.

    Kirito: She was in the Pokémart with me earlier! *looks around* Ashe! Where are you?!
    *A random Ariados ties you up and takes you away*
    Evolve, or you'll become spider lunch!

    *The invaders leave sparing Goldilocks*
    Haha, even they find it funny!
    No, no, it's our little secret :p

    YES, Goldilocks!!!

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