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  • Azumarill: Oh, he is in the room upstairs to the right.

    Rufflet: Kay, thanks! *Flutters up the stairs*
    Max: yep :D this is fun right? *max gets on the train and goes to a seat and sits down* *Intercom: Next Stop, Starlight City *
    Max: huh? Lie about what? o_O xD *They reach the train station* ok everybody, get on :D the train leaves in 5 minutes
    Max:make what fast? Lol Stardust Town is fairly small, but Starlight City is bigger and more awesome! *keeps walking to the Stardust Train Statation*
    Max: Come on Sly, you know you want to! :) and *They keep walking until they get to a sign that says Stardust Town* well the Train Station is downtown
    Crown: PSI Teleport will deal a lot of damage to the user if it fails...
    Zombie Dog: *Cringes momentarily, but then lets out a fierce roar.*
    Crown: *Sets up Shield Alpha around Starman again.* My PP is starting to run low... how much do you two have left?
    Starman: PP LEVELS DIMINISHED AFTER BATTLING COUNTLESS ZOMBIES. *Whirr.* BUT GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION. *Uses PSI Thunder Alpha, but once again hits the wrong target.*

    (In the next post, make up something that makes it convincing for Sixen to suddenly learn PSI Freeze Alpha.)
    Max: Yay :D I'm so excited, and come on Sly. :/ I live all alone and I have like seriously a LOT of rooms, please sly? :) *they start off walking to Stardust Town*
    Starman: *Attempts to use PSI Flash Alpha, but in vain.*
    Crown: ...Right. *Uses PSI Lifeup Alpha on Starman, revitalizing him.*
    Starman: DAMAGE REPAIRED. *Uses PSI Thunder Alpha again, but hits the wrong zombie.*
    Zombie Dog: *Releases poisonous slime at them from his mouth.*
    Crown: Do not worry... the Pure Shield will prevent poisoning... it is disgusting, though.

    (Imagine how devastating the Zombie Dog's attacks would be if not for Shield, and Offense Down.)
    Max: Well Sly, Starting today you do! :D and really ? D: and yes, yes you can, there's actually a train that goes to Starlight City in the next town, Stardust Town, shall we all head there? :)
    Crown: ...I, for once, am frightened by the might of the enemy. *Meows, shuddering.*
    Starman: ELIMINATE DANGEROUS ENEMY. *Uses PSI Thunder Alpha, dealing noticeable damage to the Zombie Dog.*
    Zombie Dog; *Yelps in pain, getting off Sixen and slamming into Starman for a SMAAAASH!!, shattering his Shield.*
    Starman: *Takes mortal damage.* MORTAL DAMAGE SUSTAINED.

    (No, it really is not. I cannot just go around asking people to read it. That is nonsense.)
    Max: whoa, there's a lot of you....and well it's nice to meet all of you! :D I'm Max, the Samurott, btw about earlier, me and linoone live in this really huge house that own, and it's really nice and I would like to offer for you guys to stay there :) it's in Starlight City
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