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  • Da's lekker veel. :)

    Wow, kijk je uit naar de zomervakantie?

    Ik heb er gewoon al 5 weken op zitten... :O
    *Gets you pawcuffs so you wouldn't hurt yourself in your dementia*

    Rogue legacy (-75%. most likely)
    Spelunky HD -80%
    Geometry Dash -75%
    FTL: Faster Than Light (Was it 75%, or was it 85%?...)
    Freedom Planet -50%
    Risk of Rain -75%
    Best 20 euros spent, EVER!
    The entire wishlist was on sale, and I didn't even buy things with less than a 50% discount.

    He did, I'll replace some missile warheads with giant capsules of salt, that should work really well.

    *Shapeshifts to a non silly human, aka no stupid wings and tails*
    This is how they should look, BUT THEY DON'T!

    No flipping out because I made THAT reference again?

    I wish there was a dimension where Zorua would not make me cry by being mean.

    FTL, that's where I ran into psychic slugs, we must send Mew back to space!
    The FTL soundtrack is amazing, here's a sample:
    It really kicks in in about a minute, but that's fitting since usually things go haywire at that point.

    But the new one is better.

    because breathing is something a pokemon cant do boi
    A bad habit of mine. lol

    Kirito: *slaps Cyrus with tail and he falls out the window* See you in hell, Cyrus.
    Me doing fine as well. Passed most courses in my exams with very high grade, and now playing Hyrule Warriors Legends! I also finally unlocked my most favorite costume for Zelda in that game several days ago, her Boss Pack costume from the Wii U version (her most sexy one thus far). Also working on my comic like crazy to ensure I finish my current arc before September rolls in so I can have that month free for studying.

    Also, on other news, my first cousin got married last weekend, so far I really like this vacation. If only I could get Marin in HWL, this vacation would feel like a dream for me! :)
    Yeah, I do need to get a 3DS though. Missed XYORAS because I didn't and couldn't get one, since exams and laziness. S/M looks awesome so far.
    Oh no, you're going insane...

    Bought 6 games for myself and one for a friend, damn that captivating sale.

    I had my suspicions that he's a greedy psychic slug, from space!
    But he confirmed it!

    Much less of a biohazard than drinking it...
    No, I do not have body parts that do not look like a part of a matching set, they do.

    Must've been Gerard Way's iPhone, the bigger one, that can hold more ghosts.

    I don't interact with types that aren't psychic or dragon.
    But you can still hope that there exists a universe where Ruby didn't become so stingy when it comes to other types and instead went on to sing Making Believe post break-up on her ex's roof which she learned from a decent at singing Freya. Oh well, just deal with the fact that this dimension SUUUUCKS!

    Now for non spelunky related deaths, which is worse, solar flares setting half of your ship on fire while you were busy fighting space pirates near a damn red giant, or being naive in a roguelike hoping that prying open an escape pod won't result in hostile response.

    That's kind of the same...
    Sure, go find me some air, I need it.
    I should stop putting off replying to VMs and then forgetting them. >.<

    Kirito: *slashes Cyrus hard across the face, causing him to bleed* Take that you fool!
    (I see...same here...BUT HEY!! I GOT ME AN IPHONE!!!!!!!!! YAYZ!!! ^^^^^)

    (Also...cave or house? Your pick. ^^)

    Poochy: it has it has! * hops up and down*
    And our official Nintendo distributor has finally been revealed: CD Media.
    The good thing is that they distribute other companies' games as well (Take-Two, Activision, etc.) so that makes the possibility of bringing Nintendo e-Shop cards even more likely I guess.
    The bad thing is that the distributions will begin this October. Can't wait to see Nintendo products on the shelves again :)
    Dat ga'k zeker een keer doen. Bedankt voor de suggestie. :)

    Die gast at altijd niet normaal veel, iets van 8 boterhammen op school ofzo...

    Haha. :)
    I'm doing fine! Been quite busy lately and basically disappearing off Serebii (other Pokemon forum sucking my time more + work) but I still check here from time to time xd

    How about you?/
    I don't know.
    Never mind, already sorted it out.

    They have just 1 HP but they still are OP...


    I'm not, I just love to bathe in blood, it keeps me young!
    They look silly.

    But I do not use my phone at all...

    Yeah, but I doubt Zorua can do that, they also can't wield cool swords...


    Speaking of Spelunky...
    And my next run ended because of a Blue Frog.

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