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  • Regardless, you got your candies, didn't you?


    Amanda: ...If we receive too much damage, then yeah.
    Meta Knight: We'll make sure that said Reaper won't be able to destroy us. *holds his sword in front of him*
    Amanda: Right... *keeps the Comet Sword in front of her*
    Reaper: *hisses while holding his scythe and swinging it dangerously*
    Comet Sword: That aura... he's really dangerous...

    Paragoomba: Uh, we don't have any paper and pencils in this Koopasseum...
    Bowser: *glares at the Paragoomba* Hmph...
    Paragoomba: *sweatdrops* B-But the Prince should have a magic paintbrush. Couldn't he borrow it... m-my King?
    Bowser: The Prince? Are you referring to Bowser Jr. or my young self?
    Paragoomba: P-Prince Bowser Jr., my King!
    Sammy: Okie dokie! *jumps down once they reach the floor, before heading toward the door of the hut*

    Walter: *sighs* Fine, I surrender, but let me alone... please...
    Freddy: Oh, excellent job, Chica! *pours the oil on the pizza, which quickly becomes of a grayish color*

    Aika: Do you want some other kind of show, then? *communicates with Impa* Unfortunately no. I've tried to trap him in another game, but didn't work. He can open portals with that mecha. And my powers can only affect items and I have a quite weak physique, so I can't do much...
    I was forced to go back to my hometown because of a sudden health problem. I'm there right now and will remain 'till 9/21.

    Have you heard about the Pokémon business conference held today?
    You mean buried somewhere in New Mexico since the last crash?
    You can focus your digging there!

    It doesn't matter.

    So, what's the point of references if no one gets them?

    Oh no you don't, Ruby will get mad!
    its just how I am...that's how I do things now I guess...even though I died trying to jump a ravine...another reason I use cheats...in case I ever die and lose all my stuff

    sorry im late...thought the reply was your other one...they look similar...

    Well, you are even lazier. :p


    Comet Sword: Dark Matter... we aren't here... for him... we're here... for Alucard...
    Amanda: *gulps* I wonder if Dracula heard that... But why I'm asking that, of course he has heard it!
    Meta Knight: ... *walks closer to the entrance* Dracula isn't here.
    Amanda: Uh? But I'm clearly feeling a dark presence!
    Meta Knight: Then I guess it must be that reaper...
    Amanda: Reaper? *looks inside* Uh oh... not the Reaper...

    Bowser: Hmpf! Try to do that. I'm not letting any pipsqueak use my prized Clown Car!
    Sammy: ...Weird logic, but let's go check it out!

    Walter: ... *shuts his eyes* Just let me alone!
    Freddy: Yes, let's use some oil. It will make it delicious.

    Aika: Hmm... something awkward? What about a little opera? *sends another message* Well, you don't have much choice, I'm afraid. I'm as trapped as you, believe it or not.
    What if the industry crashes in a couple hundred years?

    *Sings "You're a pirate"*

    Why California though...
    Florida is the sunshine state.
    And yet the first thing that comes to mind is California.
    Ugh, the mysteries of my mind...

    Don't pun out Cotonnee plea, oh well, at least not Goldilocks...

    I knew where to get some I'd tell you...
    ... *puts the bag on your lap* Not anymore. :p


    Amanda: Welp, I guess so...
    Meta Knight: It's time to go forward. *restarts walking*
    Amanda: I got to agree. Let's just finish this mission. *follows Meta Knight*
    Comet Sword: ...The darkness... is growing thicker... and more powerful...
    Amanda: ...Yeah. I can sense it.

    Bowser: ...A metallic girl and a robot? *pauses for a while* Nope, doesn't ring any bells. Any other detail?
    Sammy: ...I wonder how the shape of a professor's head is, but I guess we could go check it out.

    Walter: ...I'd rather not respond... *lays down and curls up, trying his best to not shudder out of his phobia*
    Freddy: *looks at the dough in Chica's hands* Okay, I think that's enough.

    Aika: *giggles* Thanks! *looks at Impa* Tsk! We're villains! We don't care about this kind of stuff! We simply do whatever we want! *keeps moving the strings, while sending a telepathic message to Impa* Just play along, will you? If you don't cooperate, things may become really ugly, even if I don't want to. So let me "torture" a bit, so that porkid won't do anything stupid!
    Enjoy yourself vampire...

    Yes, as long as you stop bashing me with shovels.

    First thing that came to mind lol
    And I don't hate it...

    Right, trying to look cute with stolen ribbons...

    Surprised you didn't know that one yet, and yes, drink blood so it doesn't get ugly...
    Everyone is destined to die genius.


    Call me California
    Stop calling me names crazy little fox!

    No, but you'll turn feral and that's not a pretty sight.
    You can take yourself, though. :eek:


    Amanda: Alright! *starts spinning on herself* Ultimate Technique: Tornado of Swords! *blows away several zombies, while various blue swords slash the ones who resisted the powerful gust*
    Meta Knight: *spreads his wings, before rushing toward the zombies and slashing them with his sword*

    Paragoomba: What? I simply told you to tell Kamek, so that he could tell to our King! So no, I didn't stop you!
    Bowser: *growls* Shut up! That's something that I'll judge later. Now I want to know... *stomps angrily toward the Paratroopa* Who stole my Clown Car? Tell me now!
    Sammy: Hmm... what makes you think that's the professor's hut?

    Walter: I only want to get out of here...
    Freddy: Tsk! He can't get out of there, so there is no point in making him 'surrender'. He's essentially trapped there.
    Walter: ...Not a nice thing to hear.

    Aika: Nah, I don't want to do that. It's fun! *giggles a bit, while still moving the strings in various embarrassing ways*
    I don't wanna!

    You made a mistake of sorts...

    This just in, crazy evil Zorua confirms that it indeed is crazy.

    Well then you can starve!
    Yeah, that. ^^


    Amanda: Don't worry, I will.
    Meta Knight: You're speaking to the one who managed to defeat Galacta Knight, the greatest warrior in my world. I could have slashed that monster myself, once it was close enough.
    Amanda: If you say so... anyway, I'm starting to feel more darkness around here.
    Comet Sword: ...I think... we're approaching... Dracula's throne room...
    Amanda: Uh, that's a possibility. We'd better be very careful, since there could be more monsters.
    Meta Knight: ... *looks in a direction* It's more like there are more monsters... *points in a direction, where some zombies are shuffling toward the group*

    Bowser: *shows a shocked expression* WHAT?! Somebody stole my Clown Car?!
    Sammy: No idea... I think we should ask around once we reach Toad Town.

    Walter: N-Never! *keeps pushing* Just let me out!
    Freddy: You'd better. You don't want to make Linda sad, do you?

    Aika: Oh, I dunno yet. Let's see... oh, I got it! *makes some strings fall from the sky and tie around Impa's arms and legs* Good, eh eh eh~! Now be a nice marionette! *starts pulling some strings*
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